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How to Order your Custom Framebag

1. Scroll down below & click the framebag type you're after.

Choose the style below that best fits your frame type and needs; eg., wedge, half, full triangular, etc.

2. Select your fabric & features, add to cart, and complete payment.

Your order date reserves your spot in our build queue. View all our fabric and features from the buttons below.

3. Email your PhotoFit® image to [email protected]

Please follow the PhotoFit® instructions. We will use your photo to create a perfect fit to your bike.

MUDLUST SERIES Custom Framebags

Due to demand we only take on a set number of custom orders a month. If you find a product displays “capacity reached” please add your email to be alerted when ordering opens up again (the 1st of the next month). Thanks!

Lead Time


Custom-made for a perfect fit using a photo of your bike. See instructions here. 


The Fiber Flight series are custom framebags made with Ultra PE fabrics; the toughest, lightest fabrics available. Built to maximize durability while minimizing weight. Awarded Bikepacking.com’s 2018 Gear of the Year top pick.

Lead Time


Custom-made for a perfect fit using a strategic photo of your bike. View PhotoFit instructions here.