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Custom Split Framebags


A dual framebag solution for triangles separated into an upper and lower section. Please see our lead times are posted on our main custom shop page.


The Split Framebag offers an upper and lower bag connection to your downtube to accommodate a rear shock or tubing that splits your triangle in half.  Options include both the upper and lower framebag, or just one of the two. If you would like a specific shape for your upper bag, please detail in the comment field at checkout.

PhotoFit™ Template Creation: A strategic photo of your bike is used to build all Rockgeist framebags. PhotoFit is the most accurate, efficient, and easiest way to order your custom gear. View the instructions and submit your photo here. 


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Can you describe the features?

To see a discription and pictures of every feature please head to the Framebag Features page.

What does "Monthly Capacity Reached" mean?

The level of customization, quality, and attention to detail requires a generous time commitment for each custom framebag we make. This creates a great product, however, it is challenging to scale our services to meet the demand. To serve our customers better, there is a limit on how many framebag orders we accept each month.

If you see the "Monthly Capacity Reached" notice on the custom framebag product, please check back on the 1st day of the next month to place your order. Capacity limits will be reset by the 1st of each month. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For intl. orders, how much is Tax and Duty?

Please add your gear to your cart and select the “UPS Worldwide Economy” shipping option. You will then see the exact price of Tax and Duty at the checkout page. This is paid in full at checkout which allows your package to skip customs and be delivered right to your door.

Video Examples of Split Framebags

We give you complete control on the features, fabrics, and style.


Visit our Smartrepel® article to learn more about this fabric and why it's an important shift in the industry. All our X-Pac fabrics are waterproof.


PFC-Free (no fluorocarbons)

Our waterproof X10 Cotton Duck X-Pac™ consists of a natural cotton outer face with a black polyester X-Ply® inner sandwiched by a 0.5 mil polyester film backing. This film backing creates a waterproof layer and eliminates the need to wax the outer cotton. Just like our VX21 Smartrepel® it is a PFC-free fabric (fluorocarbon-free DWR). It has a stiffer body than any of the traditional X-Pac offerings (VX21, X33, X50, etc) and weighs in at 10.5 oz/yd², slightly heavier than the 6.0 oz/yd² VX21. The Cotton Duck is a great option if you are looking for a more natural look and feel to your bikepacking gear. We think it pairs particularly well with bikes built from classic lines and steel tubing.