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Seat Tube / Underside Top Tube Bolt-on


For bikes with additional bolt locations on the interior of their frame.


If you have M5 bolt eyelets (standard water bottle size bolts) on the interior of your frame we can use those to bolt your Rockgeist framebag to your frame. This can eliminate most, or all straps for a clean look and secure framebag. For a top tube bolt on, please email your bolt spacing, measured from bolt center to bolt center (in mm).

Note: We cannot do a flared nose and a full bolt on framebag. Those two features do not play nice with each other, unfortunately.



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Weight 2 lbs


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How do I add the down tube bolt-on?

The down tube bolt-on option is located on the framebag product page. It is our most popular feature and placed there for convenience.

Can I have a truly "strapless" framebag?

Probably not. We need to anchor the bags at both ends of the main zipper to allow smooth opening and closing when working the zipper. Often your seat post prevents the frame builder from putting a bolt high on the seat tube. So you will at least have one, 3/4″ wide strap there. 

I'm getting a frame built, where should I place the bolts?

For a “large” size custom frame, we recommend to have 4 bolts on the inside of the top tube, spaced at least 60 mm from the seat tube and head tube junction. 

A standard set of water bottle bolts on the seat tube (you will have a 3/4″ strap up high on the seat tube to allow seat post entry in the frame) 

A standard set of water bottle bolts low on your downtube and then 1 bolt high on your down tube, at least 60 mm away from from your head tube junction.