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The Locals

Stories from the people living along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

My name is Emily Cameron and I recently finished biking the GDMBR. While finishing was certainly a huge accomplishment for me, the joy of the trip came from the numerous stories I heard from meeting and interacting with locals along the route.

Some are vital humans of the Divide network and others were simply folks who I felt had an interesting story to tell. Some were apprehensive of sharing…at first, while others pulled a chair up and invited me to join their poker game.

If there is one main lesson I learned from the trip – remembering someone’s name is the first step towards a deeper connection. Cheers to humanity, this country, and the Great Divide for the stories and life wisdom I will carry with me forever. To hear about the start of this project, listen to the audio clip below!


Introduction to Emily and her project, "The Locals" on the GDMBR

by Rockgeist Social Club

Community Bike Rides in Asheville, NC

We are hosting rides in our home city of Asheville, NC the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Meeting at Weaver Park on the Murdock Avenue side. The aim of this ride series is to get out on bikes while connecting and socializing with our neighbors.

Community Events, News, and Happenings

The Locals – New Mexico

"It's all downhill from here..." they said. The New Mexico portion of the route actually ended up being some of the hilliest days and most remote. Many days were spent meandering through pines and desert brush without interaction with any other beings. The folks I did...

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The Locals – Colorado

Colorado was the state where the tourists really overtook the locals & I really had to seek out those who had deep roots in these Colorado towns. Luckily, an unexpected shorter day led to likely my most memorable interview of the trip in Hartsel where the locals...

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The Locals – Wyoming

Upon entering Wyoming, you are immediately thrust into downright beauty. Yellowstone is to the north and the Tetons are to the south, and thanks to a kind solo hiker, we were able to camp in his site, right beneath the view above. Wyoming was as diverse with its...

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Single Overnight Routes - East Coast

Encouraging quick, simple overnight trips to get your bikepacking feet wet and to help take advantage of local adventure.

The Start of Social Club

The Social Club is focused on cultivating community in a welcoming and inclusive way. We intend to use this platform to help broaden our local cycling community, lower barriers to entry, and to connect with riders of all abilities.

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– Greg H, Jess, Emmy, Jen, Greg C, Allie, Eric