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How long has Rockgeist been in business?

Rockgeist is in its 7th year. The company started sewing custom bikepacking gear in 2014 in Durham, NC, spent three great years in Winston-Salem, NC, then finally opened a dedicated workshop in Asheville, NC. Visits to the shop are warmly welcomed, 2000 Riverside Dr. Asheville, NC 28804.

Can I add custom features?

Absolutely. Take advantage of made to order gear and make it personal.

Which international countries do you ship to?

Rockgeist ships world wide, simply select your country during checkout. If your country is not listed, please email [email protected] to receive a quote.

What are your shop hours?

Walk-in hours are from 10-2 M-F. If you would like to meet outside those hours it’s encouraged to set up an appointment by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.

What's your warranty and return policy?

When you decide to purchase Rockgeist gear please know that we’re always here for you. Your business is not taken for granted and our custom gear comes with the service and attention it deserves.  Our warranty and return policy is outlined here.

When will my gear ship?

Please see the lead time posted on the gear pages to get an idea of when your gear will ship. While lead times are an estimate, serious effort goes into keeping those estimated times accurate.

Do you have a photofit template of my bike already?

Please send your photofit picture even if you’re certain Rockgeist has that template already. Reason being is that two “identical” bikes from the same brand, model, size, and year can have dramatically different cable routing, one with a front derailleur, mud guard, and most likely a different brand of rear shock. Framebags are built to be optimized to your exact bike, down to the smallest of details which are all captured in your photofit picture.

Can you make a framebag from a spec drawing?

While there are many ways to make a framebag, making them from a spec drawings is not our method. Rockgeist only uses our Photofit method. This creates the most efficient process on our end and helps keep lead times as low as possible.