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Bikepacking Straps – Voile®


The most durable and versatile straps for anchoring gear to your bike. Quantity 1 is a single strap. 25″ length work best for dry bags 8 liters and smaller, 32″ work best for dry bags greater then 8 liters.

Vo-Lay! The original since '84, and the best in the business of strapping gear to your adventure bike. Great for strapping down sleeping bags, dry bags, Nalgene bottles, kids, fuel bottles, sleeping pads, bread, beer, skis, and more. These are the same straps used for the Rockgeist Barjam Harness.

  • 32" straps are the longest 3/4" wide straps Voile sells. Ideal for larger dry bags.
  • 25" straps are ideal for our Argonaut dry bag or for traditional 8L dry bags that are short and fat (or growlers!).
  • 15" straps are ideal for strapping nalgene's and water bottles to cages.
  • 12" Nano straps are ideal for strapping poles and other small diameter objects
  • 6" Nano straps are ideal for strapping poles and other small diameter objects. These are the smallest strap voile makes.




Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Strap color and size

32" Black, 25" Black, 15" Grey, 15" Olive, 15" Black, 12" Nano, Black, 12" Nano, Orange, 6" Nano, Orange, 9" Nano, Orange, 9" Nano, Black, 9" Nano, Red, 12" Grey, 12" Black, 12" Olive

6" Nano

Weight: 0.2oz (6g) each
Width: 0.5"
Length: 6"
Wrap diameter: 0" to 1.5"

12" Nano

Weight: 0.4oz (11g) each
Width: 0.5"
Length: 12"
Wrap diameter: 0" to 3.25"


Weight: 0.8oz (22g) each
Width: 0.75"
Length: 15"
Wrap diameter: 1.75" to 3.75"


Weight: 1.1oz (31g) each
Width: 0.75"
Length: 25"
Wrap diameter: 1.75" to 7.5"