Barjam Harness


Protect your cables, rip your descents

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The Barjam is a bikepacking harness designed to excel on the most technical singletrack descents. The mission behind the Barjam is to have your bikepacking rig ride like it does without the gear. Focus on ripping your descent, not on keeping your bags attached to your bike.

The Barjam is making waves as the lightest, most secure bikepacking harness system that protects your brake, shifter, and dropper lines.  A major design feature includes a bolt-on extension bar to protect your cables no matter how hard your crank down on the Voile straps (an advantage over foam spacers). Rather then using brackets to extend your drybag forwards, the Barjam extends your drybag downwards and pins it to the most stable connection possible – the frame of your bike. And when it comes to straps, nothing beats the reliability and death-grip of Voile®.

Choose between the black, 25″ Voile straps for dry bags less then 9 liters, or the 32″ XL Voile straps for larger dry bags. Pair the Barjam with the Apogee feedbag for maximum carrying capacity.

Harness system includes:

  1. Bolt-on extension bar
  2. Voile straps
  3. Harness to protect your dry bag
  4. Helicopter tape to protect your head-tube

Design Advantages:

  • Doesn’t block light from bar mounted lights
  • Protects cables
  • Use a dry bag you already own. Choose the right size needed for your trip.
  • Allows space for your hands up high on drop bars
  • Race ready weight


Weight: 8.4 (238 g) oz with 25″ Voile straps, 11.5 oz (326 g) with 32″ XL Voile straps.

Recommended Set-up

  • Full suspension, Hardtail, Rigid mountain bikes: It’s recommended to run the Voile Straps underneath the crown of your fork to pin the dry bag to your frame. There is no need to use the harness head-tube strap with this set-up.
  • Cyclocross, Road bikes: If there is minimal clearance to run the Voile straps under the fork crown use the harness head-tube strap to secure the drybag.



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