Barjam Harness

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Protect your cables, rip your descents. Ships with harness, bolt-on bar (for 31.8 mm), Voile straps, and helicopter tape.



The Barjam is a bikepacking harness designed to excel on the most technical singletrack descents. The mission behind the Barjam is to have your bikepacking rig ride like it does without the gear. Focus on ripping your descent, not on keeping your bags attached to your bike.

The Barjam is making waves as the lightest, most secure bikepacking harness system that protects your brake, shifter, and dropper lines.  A major design feature includes a bolt-on extension bar to protect your cables no matter how hard your crank down on the Voile straps (an advantage over foam spacers). Rather then using brackets to extend your drybag forwards, the Barjam extends your drybag out and downwards, pinning it to the most stable connection possible – the frame of your bike. And when it comes to straps, nothing beats the reliability and death-grip of Voile®.

Choose between the black, 25″ Voile straps for dry bags less then 9 liters, or the 32″ XL Voile straps for larger dry bags. Pair the Barjam with the Apogee feedbag for maximum carrying capacity.

Harness system includes:

  1. Bolt-on extension bar –  for 31.8 mm handlebars
  2. Two Voile® straps
  3. Harness made out of 1000d Cordura or abrasion resistant X-Pac to protect your dry bag from abrasion
  4. Helicopter tape to protect your head-tube from scuffs.

Design Advantages:

  • Doesn’t block light from bar mounted lights
  • Protects cables
  • Use a dry bag you already own. Choose the right size needed for your trip.
  • Allows space for your hands up high on drop bars
  • Race ready weight
  • Voile straps stay in place when open. Allows easy dry bag mounting


Weight: 7.8 oz (220 g) with 25″ Voile straps, MTB version, VX42 fabric.

Recommended Set-up

  • MTB (for suspension forks): Run the Voile Straps underneath the crown of your fork to pin the dry bag to your frame.
  • Cyclocross, Road (rigid forks): If there is minimal clearance to run the Voile straps under the fork crown use the harness head-tube strap to secure the drybag.


5 reviews for Barjam Harness

  1. jonathan hicks (verified owner)

    I used this on the Huracan 300 recently and it was great. Huge improvement over my last setup. Super light and held on fantastic.Looking forward to trying it a few weeks in the Pisgah 36.

  2. Ed (verified owner)

    I have just used the new Barjam harness on a quick winter solstice overnight. I have been looking for a new handlebar system for my bike that works with Jones bars and I am happy to say I have found it. Easy to install and easy to use the new Barjam provides a super stable system with absolutely no movement. I really like how quickly you can attach it detach your dry bag. For me this setup is a game changer. Support from Greg is fantastic. I’ll definitely be looking at Rockgeist when shopping for more bike bags. Thanks Greg for a great product.

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    The barjam is the most versatile harness I have used. Rock solid and craftsmanship is first rate. Also just leave the bolt on bar attached and you can strap on fly rods or anything else you can think of. Don’t tell Greg but other companies handlebar bags work with it also.

  4. Marc Spencer (verified owner)

    Just completed my first overnight outing with the barjam harness on my gravel bike. I found the harness very versatile and easy to set up. I was able to strap my sleeping bag and sleeping pad using the harness with two volle straps. The setup was very stable on both gravel and easy single track, there was minimal movement even though my bike had no suspension. The quality seems very high, I would recommend this product.

  5. evans.mikey

    I have been using the Barjam Harness since December 2018. It is wonderful. This harness has the ability to hold a 5lbs. sleeping bag securely to the bike without crushing cables and negatively affecting shifting or braking. There is absolutely no bouncing or swaying up front no matter how rugged the terrain. I used the Barjam during the Susitna 100 mile race this season and am amazed at how well it functioned. I look forward to seeing how it performs with a tent secured to it during my upcoming trip on the GDMBR. If you need to secure a load to the front of your rig, then go with confidence and get a Barjam. Add the Apogee Feedbag and you will love it. The Barjam is also a great spot to secure a wristwatch or GPS device so it is in plain view (especially great while your hands and wrists are inside of pogies).

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