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Frame Guard – Helicopter Tape


Goes on clear with slight gloss finish – sold by the foot

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Helicopter tape is sold by the foot. Quantity 1 gives a continuous one-foot length, quantity 2 gives a continuous two-foot length, etc. 

Please be aware that fabric/velcro from your gear can dull or even remove the paint from your bike. This is a result of rubbing from general trail chatter and is accelerated when dirt gets in-between your straps and your frame. To preserve your factory finish and prevent rub spots it's recommended to tape over abrasion prone areas on your frame. Helicopter tape is an effective and durable option that is easy to apply.

With carbon bikes this rubbing can remove the paint and expose the raw carbon of your frame (see product photo). If the raw carbon is exposed for any reason (rubbing or rock strikes) it's essential that you cover and protect these locations. Small rub spots on carbon are generally structurally sound, however if left exposed, these spots can absorb moisture which can diminish the carbon's structural integrity over time. Steel frames are also at risk for corrosion in places of worn off paint. Aluminum and titanium frames are generally inert to weather-based corrosion and any rub spots simply contribute to aesthetics.

To conform the helicopter tape to curves, a simple notch at the apex of the curve works well to create wrinkle free adhesion (see product photo on top tube).


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