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Wishbone Framebag Protector

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Eliminates the need for narrow spines or internal dividers. Prevents framebags from ballooning outwards and rubbing your crank arms.

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The Wishbone is an innovative U shaped metal bracket that bolts to one of the seat tube bottle bolts and supports the side of the framebag from the outside. It acts as an exoskeleton for the framebag, positioned low where the crank arm rotates. Its purpose is to allow for a wider framebag (more volume!) or for storing water bladders low in your framebag while preventing the bag from ballooning out and rubbing the crank.

The most common situation that we've seen cranks rubbing the framebag panel is when triangular framebags are carrying large water bladders at the bottom of the framebag. The bladders are heavy enough they force the sides of the framebag outwards towards the crank.

Typically framebags avoid this problem by using narrow spines, which limit the overall volume of the framebag, or they use dividers that connect the driveside and non drive side fabric panels together in the middle of the framebag. Dividers are great, but the space they kill inside the bag can be frustrating. The Wishbone allows you to leave the bag wide open on the inside and while still protecting the area right next to your crank arm.


  • Prevents framebag panels from "ballooning" outwards and rubbing the crank when pedaling
  • Allows framebag dividers to be run wide open, for full use of the framebag space
  • Most commonly used to store large water bladders in the bottom of your framebag
  • Available in matte black
  • Made in Asheville, North Carolina, USA


Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs

Arms are 4" (10.2 cm) in length, Width (space between arms) is 2.75" (7 cm)


2 oz (57 g)


Bolts to any water bottle screw mount, Fits around framebags 2.8" wide and under

1 review for Wishbone Framebag Protector

  1. Andrew Hampton Livingston (verified owner)

    Perfect for my DIY frame bag. A little pricey but worth it. All bike related gear is pricey.

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