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Custom Wedge Framebag

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Please see the Fabric Page for material descriptions and the Features Page for details of all framebag features.

The Wedge framebag fills the front half of your triangle while leaving open access to your seat tube water bottle space. This design allows you to bring your favorite growler/bottle while also leaving space to grab your top tube during hike-a-bike. Includes features that are optimized for the classic Wedge framebag shape including external spine pocket. For framebags built from multiple COLORplease select them here

Features optimized for the Wedge:

  • Rear facing external mesh pocket on the spine - great for stakes or a pump.
  • Standard zippered horizontal divider is parallel with the top zipper.
  • Variable velcro attachment to the top tube near your stem. This allows compatibility with your choice of top tube bag, including the Rockgeist Cache bag.
  • If a horizontal divider is not chosen, large framebags at risk for leg rub will come with an angled vertical divider.
  • Hydration/electronic access on both the map pocket and main compartment.
  • Cell phone and wallet pockets inside the map pocket.
  • Drain port
  • Molded zippers

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs

Panel size is custom to your frame, spine width is ~ 2.35" for narrow steel tubing, and ~ 2.6" for larger tubing (aluminum and carbon frames). We do change spine width based on your frame and these numbers are just estimates.

If you would like a specific spine width please let us know in the comment field at checkout. Multiple spine widths are subject to an up-charge, please email bikepack@rockgeist with inquires.


Weight is dependent on the number of features added to your build and the fabric selected. Generally, the higher the number at the end of the fabric name the heavier the fabric (e.g., X50 is heavier then VX21) . More fabric details can be found on our fabric page.


Volume is dependent on the panel area and spine width of your framebag. Adding a flared nose adds about 0.75L of volume up at the nose of the bag.

Mounting Instructions

If your framebag contains velcro, please trim off any excess length. (We leave velcro long to ensure flexibility in wrapping multiple tube diameters). Any webbing can be trimmed if needed but please take a lighter to the cut end to prevent fraying.

For bolt on framebags please see the installation graphic below. The washers are mounted on the INSIDE of your framebag.

Please be aware that your framebag may wear the finish on your frame over time, especially at velcro locations. We recommend protecting your frame with helicopter tape to prevent this wear.

Bolt on Framebag mounting



3 reviews for Custom Wedge Framebag

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    I ordered a custom wedge bag from rockgeist and was told that it would be 10-12 weeks before I got it. Two weeks before riding the Vermont Super 8 I emailed rockgeist to see if they could send it earlier. Rockgeist was very accommodating and they sent me the bag earlier than expected. It performed perfectly for my ride and held way more than I thought it would. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better product and was so greatful to work with an amazing company. I really don’t do reviews of products but I felt obligated to do a review with this bag because I’m that happy with it.

  2. Luke

    I’ve had my custom wedge framebag for around a year now and am liking it very much.
    I already had a custom frame bag from a manufacturer here in the UK made for my other bike. It does the job well enough but the attention to detail and build quality of the Rockgeist bag are a step beyond.
    Like my other Rockgeist bags the wedge has a structure and rigidity lacking in others. The bag holds it shape well and the chunky zippers never feel like they are going to pop.
    The attachment to the bike is super neat – I opted for lacing on the top and bolt on for the down tube minimising the amount of straps and giving a clean look.
    The Photofit method is way easier than providing a cardboard template and the resulting bag is millimetre perfect.
    I love the fact that I can use a bottle as well as a framebag. The gap on the top tube also gives me a useful hand hold for the inevitable hike-a-bike sections over tussock strewn moorland that characterises a lot of my bikepacking.
    My only disappointment with the bag is that the external mesh spine pocket isn’t of much practical use. The mesh is too tight at the top to get much in and even if I could manage it easier there isn’t enough room left with a decent sized bottle mounted on the seat tube.
    I’m already looking forward to ordering my next bag.

  3. Robert Lucke (verified owner)

    For me, this wedge version of a custom-made framebag is the perfect solution. I do like carrying a water bladder in my frame bag, but I wouldn’t wanna miss having access to an extra bottle , which is possible as the bag leaves space for a bottle cage. My frame is quite large so I can afford losing a little packing space. The bag itself is a perfect fit: the nose snuggles against the back of the steerer tube as if it came with the frame. No worries with the bolt-on holes, either. Honestly when ordering I wasn’t sure how this could be done just through the Rockgeist photofit method, but apparently it can – the precision is quite impressive.
    I also went with the multicolor option which imho is well worth it. Zippers open and close easily, seams are first-rate. All in all, this product is exactly what I wanted.

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Custom Made Using PhotoFit®

The easiest way to get a perfect fit to your frame

What Packs Best in Your Framebag?

Puffy coat, rain coat, and extra layers.

Your flat kit; extra tube, tire sealant, tire lever, pump, etc.

Water bladders fill framebag nooks better then hard plastic bottles.

Large food items; foot long sandwiches, burritos, pizza, etc.

Smaller snacks can fill up the extra space.

Tent poles can packed inside (wraped in hang loops).

Example Wedge Framebags

We give you complete control on the features, fabrics, and style of your framebags. See below for examples of customer orders.

The bag itself is a perfect fit: the nose snuggles against the back of the steerer tube as if it came with the frame. No worries with the bolt-on holes, either. Honestly when ordering I wasn’t sure how this could be done just through the Rockgeist photofit method, but apparently it can – the precision is quite impressive.

Robert Lucke

Frequently Asked Framebag Questions

Can I add custom features?

Absolutely. Take advantage of made to order gear and make it personal.

Can you describe the features in the drop down menu?

To see a discription and pictures of every feature please head to the Framebag Features page.

Can I do a seat tube or top tube bolt-on?

Absolutely. Please add that feature in the Framebag Extras category

What does "Monthly Capacity Reached" mean?

The level of customization, quality, and attention to detail requires a generous time commitment for each custom framebag we make. This creates a great product, however, it is challenging to scale our services to meet the demand. To serve our customers better, there is a limit on how many framebag orders we accept each month.

If you see the “Monthly Capacity Reached” notice on the custom framebag product, please check back on the 1st day of the next month to place your order. Capacity limits will be reset by the 1st of each month. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

When will my framebag ship?

Please see the lead time posted on the gear pages to get an idea of when your gear will ship. While lead times are an estimate, serious effort goes into keeping those estimated times accurate.

Do you have a photofit template of my bike already?

Please send your photofit picture even if you’re certain Rockgeist has that template already. Reason being is that two “identical” bikes from the same brand, model, size, and year can have different cable routing, one with a front derailleur, mud guard, a different brand of rear shock, etc.

Framebags are built to be optimized to your exact bike, down to the smallest of details which are all captured in your photofit picture.

Can you make a framebag from a spec (CAD) drawing?

While there are many ways to make a framebag, making them from a spec drawings is not our method. We’ve ran into too many issues where the spec drawing did not match the physical bike (for example moved bolt holes). Rockgeist only uses our PhotoFit method. This creates the most efficient process on our end and helps keep lead times as low as possible.

Which international countries do you ship to? How much is tax and duty?

Rockgeist ships world-wide, simply select your country during checkout. If your country is not listed, please email [email protected] to receive a quote.

To see tax and duty, please add your gear to your cart and select the “UPS Worldwide Economy” shipping option. You will then see the exact price of Tax and Duty at the checkout page. This is paid in full at checkout which allows your package to skip customs and be delivered right to your door.