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Custom Full Suspension Framebag

(5 customer reviews)


Made with molded teeth, #10 YKK zippers. Please see the Fabric Page for material descriptions and the Features Page for complete details of all framebag features.

This Mudlust is a custom-fit framebag specifically designed to fit your full suspension bike. Like all Mudlust framebags, we use PhotoFitto create a perfect fit to the curves of your full suspension frame. X-Pac™ or Cordura® is used for the outer and inner fabric and Ballistic Cordura® is used on the spine where the bag touches the frame. For framebags built from multiple COLORplease select them here

Base features:

  • Variable velcro attachment to the top tube near your stem. This allows compatibility with your choice of top tube bag, including the Rockgeist Cache bag.
  • Drive-side main zippered compartment giving access to entire bag
  • Hydration/electronic access from both the map pocket and main drive side compartment.
  • Drain port
  • Molded zippers

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs

Panel size is custom to your frame, spine width is ~ 2.35" for narrow steel tubing, and ~ 2.6" for larger tubing (aluminum and carbon frames). We do change spine width based on your frame and these numbers are estimates.

If you would like a specific spine width please let us know in the comment field at checkout. Multiple spine widths are subject to an up-charge, please email [email protected].


Volume is dependent on the panel area and spine width of your framebag. Adding a flared nose adds about 0.75L of volume up at the nose of the bag.


Weight is dependent on the number of features added to your build and the fabric selected. Generally, the higher the number at the end of the fabric name the heavier the fabric (e.g., X50 is heavier then VX21) . More fabric details can be found on our fabric page.

Mounting Instructions

If your framebag contains velcro, please trim off any excess length. (We leave velcro long to ensure flexibility in wrapping multiple tube diameters). Any webbing can be trimmed if needed but please take a lighter to the cut end to prevent fraying.

For bolt on framebags please see the installation graphic below. The washers are mounted on the INSIDE of your framebag.

Please be aware that your framebag may wear the finish on your frame over time, especially at velcro locations. We recommend protecting your frame with helicopter tape to prevent this wear.

Bolt on Framebag mounting



5 reviews for Custom Full Suspension Framebag

  1. Audrey (verified owner)

    I just finished the great divide mountain bike route yesterday. I rode 2500 miles from border to border and my custom full suspension frame bag worked flawlessly! It was solid, spacious, and consistently reliable! With reliability being a number one sought out quality for a ride of this magnitude, Rockgeist really fulfills that need. I would not hesitate to purchase another full suspension mountain bike frame bag from Greg again. The process was simple and flawless! I love being able to get out, ride, and take in the riding experience without thinking about my gear—my frame bag, honey pots and space link provided that confidence the entire route! Tough materials, great zippers, and the colors available were awesome! Thanks, Greg, for making a reliable, solid product!

  2. Mike Shoys (verified owner)

    Great quality and fits perfectly. The frame triangle on my Kona Process is pretty wonky, but the bag fits great and I couldn’t be happier. Stitching is flawless, materials used seem super durable. Found out about RG on the Bikes or Death Podcast and am stoked to be supporting a guy/company who supports the bikepacking community.

  3. Vaughan

    I just picked up my custom Mudlust Full Suspension bag from Greg over at Rockgeist. I am blown away at the quality and attention to detail of this bag. I went with LiteSkin 21 from his Fiber Flight series and this thing is light af! If you are looking for custom work or have an interest in ultralight bags made in the USA there isn’t really anyone else who can step to this quality and design. Thanks Rockgeist!

  4. wjdeeter

    I ordered a full set of custom bags for a Santa Cruz Hightower, including the Mudlust Custom for full suspension. Each bag is incredibly well made and fits perfectly. The functionality of the material and design is incredible. Greg is very helpful in the selection process as well as “tweaking” the set-up. I did a lot of research before ordering. After receiving the bags, I cannot imagine a better custom set-up on the market. You will not be disappointed.

  5. Holt harlan

    I’m very happy with the full experience. I sent a email to Greg not knowing he was on the AZ trail, but with in 2 days he responded to me with a explanation that he was out of reach. After a quick chat he was back to riding. True to his word he contacted me immediately when he was back in the office. To my surprise he had a template in house. We worked out some details and he shipped it faster than I thought possible.
    The frame bag got a serious beating on the CTR in July. Relentless rain, lots of mud and over stuffed. The zippers worked as they should, the stitching held together flawlessly, the straps held tight and never needed readjusting. top shelf quality!
    I also had a couple of other small bags made that completed a full custom set. I could not be happier with Greg and his business.

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Custom Made Using PhotoFit®

Get a perfect fit to your frame with our PhotoFit process.

What Packs Best in Your Framebag?

Puffy coat, rain coat, and extra layers.

Your flat kit; extra tube, tire sealant, tire lever, pump, etc.

Water bladders fill framebag nooks better then hard plastic bottles.

Large food items; foot long sandwiches, burritos, pizza, etc.

Smaller snacks can fill up the extra space.

Tent poles inside against your top tube (using hang loops) or downtube.

Example Full Suspension Framebags

We give you complete control on the features, fabrics, and style of your framebags. See below for examples of customer orders.

I am blown away at the quality and attention to detail of this bag. I went with LiteSkin 21 and this thing is light af! If you are looking for custom work or have an interest in ultralight bags made in the USA there isn’t really anyone else who can step to this quality and design.


Frequently Asked Framebag Questions

Can I add custom features?

Absolutely. Take advantage of made to order gear and make it personal.

Can you describe the features in the drop down menu?

To see a discription and pictures of every feature please head to the Framebag Features page.

Can I do a seat tube or top tube bolt-on?

Absolutely. Please add that feature in the Framebag Extras category

What does "Monthly Capacity Reached" mean?

The level of customization, quality, and attention to detail requires a generous time commitment for each custom framebag we make. This creates a great product, however, it is challenging to scale our services to meet the demand. To serve our customers better, there is a limit on how many framebag orders we accept each month.

If you see the “Monthly Capacity Reached” notice on the custom framebag product, please check back on the 1st day of the next month to place your order. Capacity limits will be reset by the 1st of each month. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

When will my framebag ship?

Please see the lead time posted on the gear pages to get an idea of when your gear will ship. While lead times are an estimate, serious effort goes into keeping those estimated times accurate.

Do you have a photofit template of my bike already?

Please send your photofit picture even if you’re certain Rockgeist has that template already. Reason being is that two “identical” bikes from the same brand, model, size, and year can have different cable routing, one with a front derailleur, mud guard, a different brand of rear shock, etc.

Framebags are built to be optimized to your exact bike, down to the smallest of details which are all captured in your photofit picture.

Can you make a framebag from a spec (CAD) drawing?

While there are many ways to make a framebag, making them from a spec drawings is not our method. We’ve ran into too many issues where the spec drawing did not match the physical bike (for example moved bolt holes). Rockgeist only uses our PhotoFit method. This creates the most efficient process on our end and helps keep lead times as low as possible.

Which international countries do you ship to? How much is tax and duty?

Rockgeist ships world-wide, simply select your country during checkout. If your country is not listed, please email [email protected] to receive a quote.

To see tax and duty, please add your gear to your cart and select the “UPS Worldwide Economy” shipping option. You will then see the exact price of Tax and Duty at the checkout page. This is paid in full at checkout which allows your package to skip customs and be delivered right to your door.