Medic Top-Tube Bag (saddle side)

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Repair bag for both body and bike. Custom shaped to fit the curves of your bike with full strap compatibility with your framebag.



The Medic top-tube bag gets its name from its most popular use – carrying medical supplies and repair tools. It can be frustrating enough when something goes wrong, the last thing you need is the additional frustration of finding and getting out your repair kit. The Medic bag keeps your most important gear secure, stable, and accessible.


  • Custom shaped to your seat post/top tube
  • Electronic cord access
  • Padded bottom with closed cell foam


PhotoFit™ Template Creation: A strategic photo of your bike is used to build all Medic top-tube bags. PhotoFit™ offers several advantages over physical customer-traced templates. The most important advantage is that it eliminates template errors and helps avoid zipper stress, maximizing packing efficiency, and ensures strap compatibility with existing bags/frame features.

3 reviews for Medic Top-Tube Bag (saddle side)

  1. Mark H (verified owner)

    Back in April/May I was looking for a small custom top tube bag to carry necessities (cell,multi-tool,Topeak Smartgauge, Lezyne mini pump,1 16g CO2) for std 1-3 hr rides for my Spot Mayhem. I definitely wanted a Top Tube (saddle side) bag vs a TT/Headtube version to keep weight more centralized on the bike. Originally, I wanted to stick local with one of the CO framebag makers but everyone was either too busy or didn’t seem too interested in making a smaller bag like this one. $68 for a small custom bag is a great deal IMO and it came out perfect. The one concern I had with the Top Tube/Seat Tube junction bag was leg rubbing, but Greg uses stiff foam on the sides so it doesn’t bow out. I haven’t had any issues whatsoever with rubbing. Greg was awesome to work with and his work speaks for itself. Having him make me a second one for my fat/29+ bike

  2. Nate (verified owner)

    Always an awesome result from Greg. This is my third custom bag from him and the level of detail that’s considered and communicated is unparalleled. He and I worked to make sure that bag squeezed around my existing setup while still being fully functional and good looking. Awesome little bag that doesn’t interfere with pedal stroke like some top tube bags.

  3. Mason (verified owner)

    I recently switched frames, and my Apidura bags didn’t fit quite right on my new hardtail. I ordered custom Mudlust, Medic top tube (saddle side), and Cache top tube bags from Greg. I had been through a few other shops that either never returned my email, or kept my templates for months without ever looking at them. I’m so glad they didn’t work out, because the process and results with Greg and Rockgeist have been even better than advertised. I can’t believe how easy the template photo process was, and how well it worked. My framebag just cannot fit any better. It’s perfect, and even more sturdy and durable than I expected. I hoped they would be as well made as the Apidura frame bag, but the Rockgeist quality blows the Apidura out of the water. The zippers, padding, and fit & finish is the best I’ve seen. I will absolutely be ordering the Foxglove saddlebag and Barjam harness now that I know how great this stuff is.

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