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Honeypot Feedbag | Made to Order

(18 customer reviews)


A round-shaped feedbag made for mountain essentials. Please see the Fabric page for color and material descriptions. Spacelink sold separately. If you would like to use velcro and the spacelink connection you must select the spacelink version. These are made-to-order based on your fabric and connection type selected; Lead time is about 3 weeks.

The Honeypot is a round-shaped feedbag designed to fit Nalgene® bottles, Hydroflasks, bike bottles, or other large circular items. The Honeypot is built to last by using a Dyneema® reinforced drawcord channel, an X-Pac™ collar, and closed cell foam in the body panel. There are three attachment points to your frame (stem, handlebar, and fork) with a full circumference daisy chain to get the best fit to your specific cockpit.

Build Materials

  • X-Pac™ or Cordura® body fabric
  • Dyneema® drawcord sleeve for lifetime durability
  • Crosslinked closed-cell foam support
  • One-wrap velcro attachments

Design Features

  • One-handed open/close for easy access while riding
  • Both right or left stem attachment
  • Drain port for rain water
  • Fits standard Nalgene® bottles, MSR white gas bottles, bike water bottles

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs

3.6oz (102g)
*Weight is based on bag made with VX21 and Spacelink stem connection. Weight varies based on fabric choices and stem connection.




10" tall (with collar extended), 3.5" circle diameter

18 reviews for Honeypot Feedbag | Made to Order

  1. Kathy

    I absolutely love my Honeypot feed bags and the Spacelink setup. They are sturdy, secure, and hold a ton of stuff. Along with the bolt on top tube bag it’s the best money I’ve spent on accessories for my gravel bike. Plus they are locally made! Winner!

  2. Tubby Carlyle (verified owner)

    These are my favorite bags. I have two of these and my wife has two as well. I live in the desert and I can fit a 1.5L Smart Water bottle in them which is great. I can also fit my 40oz insulated bottle in one for short rides. I love that I can have quick access to my phone and snacks or whatever else I put in there before a ride.

  3. Ginger (verified owner)

    Indispensable bag! Weighs nothing and holds so much. Perfect fit for a Nalgene and it’s easy to slip the water bottle in and out easily. I also like to keep a honeypot filled with snacks and stash a long-handled spoon for eating in the outer daisy chain. The bag is super secure, super easy to access while riding.

  4. Rachel (verified owner)

    I just went on my first bikepacking trip and a set of honeypots was a great addition to my set-up. I kept snacks in one and a Nalgene bottle in the other. They are easy to open and close one-handed and have many options for getting the right fit for your bike. I ordered them prior to my trip cutting it close to the date based on the lead time. When I still didn’t have them the week of my trip, I called and they were super helpful. My honeypots had just been finished and we upgraded my shipping to 2 day and they got to me in time!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    Great bag. Sturdy and looks good, too. Love the big mesh pockets on the sides and ability to adjust the height by rolling the Xpac up/down. Looking forward to putting it through the wringer. If I could give 4.5 stars, that would be my score, the half star off being for the somewhat clumsy fork strap setup. A quick release buckle in place of the sliders would be better IMO, which is what I added after a trip to the hardware store. Small niggle for sure, though–excellent bags!

  6. Jen Billstrom (verified owner)

    My search for a bag that fits on my small framed bike is over. I love the Honeypot Feedbag! I have very little real estate on my handlebars so most bags will not work for me. The Honeypot is perfect. It’s easy to open and close while riding and holds everything I need — tube, tiny wallet, lip balm, sunscreen, snack bar, packable layer. No more riding with stuff crammed into my jersey pockets.

  7. Audrey (verified owner)

    Love, love, love my two honey pot bags and my spacelink! I rode from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border and just finished yesterday. The honey pot bags worked flawlessly the entire trip. This is a bag that I used every single day, with very high usage! They are versatile, extremely well-made bags! I would not hesitate to direct anyone towards any of these or other Rockgeist products! Thanks, Greg for your rock solid products!

  8. Jennifer Turner (verified owner)

    Perfect size, fantastic quality and it looks super cool also! I am able to hold a lot more water and snacks, etc. even my rainjacket fit in the Honeypot, I just love it!

  9. Flora Darby (verified owner)

    These are superior quality bags with a well thought out design. The feedbags make grabbing drinks and snacks so easy. The bags hold their shape and the cell foam helps keep my drinks cool during hot rides. Bonus! The side mesh pockets are great with storing tools, lip balm, snack bars and sunglasses. I also ordered the spacelink. This is perfect for anyone with a short stem. The spacelink installation was easy and I am really happy with the set-up. As a side note, Greg provides stellar customer service. He is quick to respond and very informative. His timeline was accurate and he let me know when the order had been shipped. I love that!

  10. Drew (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it on any long hauls yet, but it’s great for ripping around town with a beer. Integrates seamlessly with the spacelink and I love how the extra material can fold into the middle. Quality is top notch. I would definitely purchase this again in the highly unlikely event this one wears out.

  11. Luke

    I’ve been using my Honeypot bags for a few months now. They are made to a great standard and work faultlessly as a system with the Spacelink and Cache toptube bag.
    Customer service has been great as well, Greg has answered my constant barrage of emails quickly and precisely. Awesome gear, awesome company.

  12. wjdeeter (verified owner)

    I ordered a full set of custom bags for a Santa Cruz Hightower, including two Honeypot Feeders and the Spacelink. Each bag is incredibly well made and fits perfectly. The functionality of the material and design is incredible. The Spacelink is an engineering masterpiece! Greg is very helpful in the selection process as well as “tweaking” the set-up. I did a lot of research before ordering. After receiving the bags, I cannot imagine a better custom set-up on the market. You will not be disappointed.

  13. Chuck (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest, this is the only feedbag I have owned. I am sure this is the only one I need. It is solid, sturdy and keeps its shape, unlike some lame, droopy sacks I’ve seen on the YouTube videos. I have two of these bags, and they’re used for commuting to work, bikepacking, and just some random dicking around. They’re great for snacks, sunglasses and holding my beer. And the mesh pocket on the outside holds a knife for quick access when I need to fight off a bikejacker. It also holds my lip balm. Use the feedbag with the Rockgeist Spacelink. You won’t regret it.

  14. Andreas Tobler (verified owner)

    I used the Honeypot feedbags on a recent 3-day trip, and I could not have been happier. They attach via 3 Velcro loops to the handlebar and fork, and the provided loops around the Honeypot give a lot of flexibility how to best position them. I used a handlebar harness, Gas Tank and frame bag (Mudlust) as well, and despite of the many attachment points it was no problem to attach them all (Greg configured the custom Mudlust frame bag with the addition of a Gas Tank in mind).
    The build and fabric of the Honeypot is very high quality, and it is equipped with a practical 1-hand opening and closing mechanism. Due to a drinking bladder failure I had to carry two Nalgene bottles with me. Even when carrying a full bottle the Honeypot held-up very well. They are now permanently on my bike and became a reliable adventure companion.

  15. Katie V. (verified owner)

    Ok, there are a ton of feedbag options out there. The Honeypot Feedbag is my favorite for several reasons (yes, I have tried a couple other feedbags). First, the material of the bag is sturdy and holds its shape much better than other feedbags. I like this because it remains in position better as I twist and turn my handlebars. Sturdier for holding items; sturdier for protecting items inside. The outside mesh pocket is also a plus and it’s a tight sew, which allows me to not worry about any of my little items (chapstick, garbage pieces, hand sanitizer) falling out as I bike on unpaved roads. And of course, the straps are adjustable – you can remove them and fit them in a variety of ways according to the make of your bike and handlebars. Yay! BTW, I am both a daily commuter and also a long-term bikepacker and this bag is awesome for both situations!

  16. Mat Long

    The choice of fabric/color is an absolutely amazing attribute to this brand. No other bp bag maker offers this. The Honeypot delivered on all fronts. clean, held my Ti mug and Liter of Cola I mean Zefal Liter bottle perfect and with zero problems.

  17. Molly

    Greg loaned me a Honeypot last summer when I needed something to give me easy access during a 2-day 200-mile Bike MS ride. I intended to just borrow it so that I could rep my friend’s brand while on the ride, but I haven’t given it back and won’t, and am about to order a second. It’s not only useful for an additional water bottle of easy-access hydration is what you’re going for, but I now also use it regularly to keep most anything I’d need to stash for a quick day ride or out-and-back. It’s great for stashing cold-weather add-ons that peel away mid-ride, and other quick necessities. The design keeps it versatile. For instance, I’ve been able to use it to stuff an entire top layer away if it goes from rain-to-dry, or keep a rain layer close in case weather turns bad. Personally, I’ve now gone on a few rides with Greg where we’ve added a second HP, and for me, having two is ideal. Access point is key. Thumbs up all the way.

  18. Mullaney (verified owner)

    I bike for fun and for employment. My bottom line is quality and deign for purpose not flash. My Rockgeist Honeypot has lived up to both my guiding principles for gear. It’s been through driving rain, dumping snow and carried creature comforts on 10 degree mornings. I can get what i need out of it without stopping. The additive is that these bags are made in North Carolina, Appalachian ingenuity at its best!

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