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Custom Half Framebag

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1/2 framebag, 1/2 amazing. Made with molded teeth, #10 YKK zippers. Please see the Fabric Page for material descriptions and the Features Page for complete details of all framebag features.

The Mudlust half framebag is a partial frame bag designed around the water bottles that live in your inner triangle space and does not connect to the full length of your down tube. Pair with the King Cage - Drop Cage to increase the volume/space of your half framebag (gain ~ 1 liter of storage). For framebags built from multiple COLORplease select them here

PLEASE READ: We ask you to select the general framebag shape in the drop down menu to give us direction on how to shape your bag. All bags will be unique based in how your bottles are positioned in your photofit image. If your photofit image is sent in with no bottles we will use standard 22 oz bottles to shape your bag around. We will not re-make your half framebag for any reason if you fail to give us shape input at the time of ordering. 


Base features:

  • Variable top tube velcro attachment to accommodate your choice of stem bag (e.g., the Rockgeist Cache top tube bag)
  • Drive-side main zippered compartment giving access to entire bag
  • Hydration/electronics port from both the map pocket side and the main compartment on the drive side.
  • Drain port
  • Molded zippers

**For half framebags that select Orange Mountain Patch where the patch does not fit in the lower left corner we will use a sew in label instead.**

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

Panel size is custom to your frame, spine width is ~ 2.35" for narrow steel tubing, and ~ 2.6" for larger tubing (aluminum and carbon frames). We do change spine width based on your frame and these numbers are just estimates.

If you would like a specific spine width please let us know in the comment field at checkout. Multiple spine widths are subject to an up-charge, please email bikepack@rockgeist with inquires.


Volume is dependent on the panel area and spine width of your framebag. Adding a flared nose adds about 0.75L of volume up at the nose of the bag.


Weight is dependent on the number of features added to your build and the fabric selected. Generally, the higher the number at the end of the fabric name the heavier the fabric (e.g., X50 is heavier then VX21) . More fabric details can be found on our fabric page.

Mounting Instructions

If your framebag contains velcro, please trim off any excess length. (We leave velcro long to ensure flexibility in wrapping multiple tube diameters). Any webbing can be trimmed if needed but please take a lighter to the cut end to prevent fraying.

For bolt on framebags please see the installation graphic below. The washers are mounted on the INSIDE of your framebag.

Please be aware that your framebag may wear the finish on your frame over time, especially at velcro locations. We recommend protecting your frame with helicopter tape to prevent this wear.

Bolt on Framebag mounting



17 reviews for Custom Half Framebag

  1. Roli (verified owner)

    Got a half frame bag for m Crust evasion (medium) in truffle brown cotton duck fabric and i have to say that i am very satisfied with the fit. The people at rockgeist nailed it and the curved bottom makes it look extra cool ( for me ). The customer service is top notch. i have to admit i probably sent way to many emails… changing my mind and stuff and these guys were quick to respond and very nice, Thanks guys

  2. Ry Schulz (verified owner)

    Thoroughly tested over the last 1,500 miles and ready for more. Rockgeist may have the most accurate and easiest way to order a custom half framebag with their PhotoFit process. I chose their X-Pac RX Cayenne. I love that it is better for the environment and how well it matches the red on my Lauf Seigla. The quality of the construction and attention to detail is terrific. Rockgeist is one of the best around. 11 out of 10, will buy again.

  3. John (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my frame bag. Greg was super responsive, friendly, and accommodating when helping me work through some custom additions. He provided great advice and his insights into the construction process helped inform the final product for the better.

    The bag itself is absolutely dialed. From the thoughtful creation of the features I requested to the thorough finishing details, the quality shows. The fit to my frame is dead-accurate and provides a benefit that can’t be found from an off-the-shelf product anywhere. I literally don’t think the bag could have fit my bike any better if they had it at the shop to measure from.

    If you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate.

  4. Joben David

    Bought a dyneema framebag on sale. I’m up in Canada and had to pay extra duties but still appreciate having a handmade product from NC. Will update once I’ve put some miles on the bag.

  5. Tina

    I have several custom for frame bags full and half. The quality of these bags is superb!

    I actually changed all my bikes to Rockgeist custom frame bags. Well worth every penny. I especially like the lace up option. The fit is perfect.

    They even customized a portion of my bag to accommodate some cable routing on my Mukluk that I discovered (after submitting my photofit) , that would interfere with a nice tight fit. It’s perfect

    Also being able to see where you are in the process by checking the order number status is such a great tool.

    I need another bike now so I can order a bag for it

  6. Austin Schreiner

    Every product Rockgeist makes is fantastic, but the frame bags are exceptional! Every detail is well thought out. The zippers are the best in the industry! Bomb proof.

  7. Gabe

    If you need to get the most storage from your framebag and/or want a fully customizable USA made bag, Rockgeist is definitely worth the wait. They’re super helpful if you have questions during the photofit and with any questions you may have about the many options they offer. The divider and internal pocket options let you keep snacks, tools, maps, or electronics exactly where you can find them. The many fabric options let you get exactly the look you want and the glitter zippers will give you extra smiles for miles and miles.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my All City Cosmic Stallion. Precise sewing and excellent materials. This bag never leaves my bike

  9. anelsen78 (verified owner)

    Purchased the custom half frame bag for my 2021 Specialized Diverge Comp (size 61) after trying several universal bags. I can’t stress this enough, the fit is perfect in every way. No gaps. Finish is also superb with precise stitching and heavy duty zippers. Highly recommend.

  10. Arian A

    when you want the absolute best in design and materials there aint anyone doing it like Rockgeist rn.. i have a dyneema custom half frame bag, custom top tube bag dyneema and a dyneema saddle bag and i swer these bags made to higher standard than Luis V .. im absolutely in love with Gregs genius craftsmanship everything so eloquent and high quality. As for durability they look it but yet to be tested..iv heard the frame and saddle bags are nearly 100% waterproof , will need to test but i dont see any obvious issues.. but 10 stars for makin my bikepacking bike look like a rolls royce

  11. Kelly Price (verified owner)

    I purchased the half framebag for my Trek Domaine SL5 that takes me on all kinds of riding surfaces. The bag is fantastic! Rugged and exceptional well constructed I included the tent pole loops and map pocket. I had forgotten what it felt like to not have all of my jersey back pockets filled with food, phone, gloves, gels and powders and an extra water bottle on my long rides! Everything fits nicely in the bag. Looks great and I am stoked!

  12. Mike A (verified owner)

    I tested this bag on a grueling seven-day bikepacking trip in the desert and mountains of New Mexico in rain, snow, hail, and mud, and it far exceeded my expectations. Having a custom fit makes all the difference-far superior to off-the-rack options. The quality is also really over the top. I included tent pole loops, map pocket, and the lace-up options which further enhanced the functionality for me. It looks awesome too-I dont want to take it off! Customer service and response from Greg also excellent.

  13. Nate (verified owner)

    Cannot recommend these bags enough. Greg is always very receptive to feedback on how the bag will be used and how that’ll shape its construction. These custom bags go deeper than picking a color and tracing an outline. Everything is meticulously designed and sewn to provide the best user experience. I have two of these Mudlust bags on mountain bikes that are filling the front 10″ or so of the front triangles. Perfect size for carrying all the tools you’d normally keep in a Camelback.

  14. Mason (verified owner)

    I recently switched frames, and my Apidura bags didn’t fit quite right on my new hardtail. I ordered custom Mudlust, Medic top tube (saddle side), and Cache top tube bags from Greg. I had been through a few other shops that either never returned my email, or kept my templates for months without ever looking at them. I’m so glad they didn’t work out, because the process and results with Greg and Rockgeist have been even better than advertised. I can’t believe how easy the template photo process was, and how well it worked. My framebag just cannot fit any better. It’s perfect, and even more sturdy and durable than I expected. I hoped they would be as well made as the Apidura frame bag, but the Rockgeist quality blows the Apidura out of the water. The zippers, padding, and fit & finish is the best I’ve seen. I will absolutely be ordering the Foxglove saddlebag and Barjam harness now that I know how great this stuff is.

  15. Jon (verified owner)

    All of the off the shelf framebags didn’t seem to be a great fit for either by crossbike or my mtb. When I found Rockgeist and the easy way you can order custom fit bags for your bike I went for it. I couldn’t be more pleased. They are a perfect fit and are heavy duty (yet light) construction. They fit all of my tools, spares, water filter kit, extra water, and most importantly, my flask. There is room to spare….and with the extra zipper on the other side, I can fit my phone, maps, pen, etc. They look great and complement my bikes.

    The other very cool part about this is the experience of working with Greg and buying a very high quality product from a small business. I sent in some photos of my bikes, Greg gave some feedback on what would work and what wouldn’t and we came to a decision together. It’s nice knowing I had a hand in this too!

    Last, you would think custom anything made in America would be pricey. I thought the cost was very reasonable and not a lot more than an off the shelf product.

  16. Trey

    I bought this bag earlier in the summer and never leave home without it. It works for commuting to work, running errands around town, and (obviously) touring.

    The construction is solid and it fits perfectly to my frame. Off-the-shelf products are too small for my frame (61cm), and they rarely fit a normal size bike anyway. Spend the few extra dollars for something custom, it’s worth it.

    Greg was super helpful and accommodating through the whole process. I live in Canada and tried to time things so the bag would ship to my parents in the US and I could save some money. When the bag wasn’t ready in time (no one’s fault, I was overly optimistic), Greg shipped it to Canada and didn’t charge anything extra for international shipping. I did get hit with a the border tax, but there is no way around that.

    Here’s a pic of the bag in action: http://imgur.com/a/RrlaA

  17. Henry

    My Flyrock has been on my daily commuter (cross check) for two years. It’s perfect for my phone, chain lock, tube kit, gloves, ultralight rain shell, multi tool, and a burrito. The construction is flawless and it still looks brand new. Greg has made the ordering process simple and the directions are easy to follow.

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Custom Made Using PhotoFit®

The easiest way to get a perfect fit to your frame

What Packs Best in Your Framebag?

Puffy coat, rain coat, and extra layers.

Your flat kit; extra tube, tire sealant, tire lever, pump, etc.

Water bladders fill framebag nooks better then hard plastic bottles.

Large food items; foot long sandwiches, burritos, pizza, etc.

Smaller snacks can fill up the extra space.

Tent poles can packed inside (wraped in hang loops).

Example Half Framebags

We give you complete control on the features, fabrics, and style of your framebags. See below for examples of customer orders.

I tested this bag on a grueling seven-day bikepacking trip in the desert and mountains of New Mexico in rain, snow, hail, and mud, and it far exceeded my expectations. Having a custom fit makes all the difference, this bag is far superior to off-the-rack options.

Mike A.

Frequently Asked Framebag Questions

Can I add custom features?

Absolutely. Take advantage of made to order gear and make it personal.

Can you describe the features in the drop down menu?

To see a discription and pictures of every feature please head to the Framebag Features page.

Can I do a seat tube or top tube bolt-on?

Absolutely. Please add that feature in the Framebag Extras category

What does "Monthly Capacity Reached" mean?

The level of customization, quality, and attention to detail requires a generous time commitment for each custom framebag we make. This creates a great product, however, it is challenging to scale our services to meet the demand. To serve our customers better, there is a limit on how many framebag orders we accept each month.

If you see the “Monthly Capacity Reached” notice on the custom framebag product, please check back on the 1st day of the next month to place your order. Capacity limits will be reset by the 1st of each month. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

When will my framebag ship?

Please see the lead time posted on the gear pages to get an idea of when your gear will ship. While lead times are an estimate, serious effort goes into keeping those estimated times accurate.

Do you have a photofit template of my bike already?

Please send your photofit picture even if you’re certain Rockgeist has that template already. Reason being is that two “identical” bikes from the same brand, model, size, and year can have different cable routing, one with a front derailleur, mud guard, a different brand of rear shock, etc.

Framebags are built to be optimized to your exact bike, down to the smallest of details which are all captured in your photofit picture.

Can you make a framebag from a spec (CAD) drawing?

While there are many ways to make a framebag, making them from a spec drawings is not our method. We’ve ran into too many issues where the spec drawing did not match the physical bike (for example moved bolt holes). Rockgeist only uses our PhotoFit method. This creates the most efficient process on our end and helps keep lead times as low as possible.

Which international countries do you ship to? How much is tax and duty?

Rockgeist ships world-wide, simply select your country during checkout. If your country is not listed, please email [email protected] to receive a quote.

To see tax and duty, please add your gear to your cart and select the “UPS Worldwide Economy” shipping option. You will then see the exact price of Tax and Duty at the checkout page. This is paid in full at checkout which allows your package to skip customs and be delivered right to your door.