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Welded, Waterproof Bikepacking Gear


Welded, waterproof bikepacking bags with a priority on stability, clean lines, and a universal fit for almost any bike. Designed by Porcelain Rocket™  and is now welded between both our shops (Calgary, Canada and Asheville, NC, USA).

Lead Time; 1-2 business days

To help our small team manage orders, we do not ship in-stock items before made-to-order items. If you want an in-stock item ship to immediately while also ordering something custom made, it’s best to place two separate orders.

Waterproof Handlebar Bags

Front bags with welded seams, for a truely 100% waterproof bag.


Keep your senstive electronics (and baked goods!) protected from water.

Waterproof Hip Packs

Ideal place to protect your camera or other electronics.


Besides rain protection, our waterproof hip packs protect electronics from trail vibrations by getting them off the bike.

Welcoming Porcelain Rocket's Welded, Waterproof Gear to Rockgeist