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Horton Front Pouch

(4 customer reviews)


Quick access with 100% waterproof, welded seams. Horton and our Barjam Harness were awarded Bikepacking.com’s 2021 Gear of the Year.

Adjustable Fidlock magnetic closure allows the closure roll to stay tight and compact no matter how full or empty the bag is.

A 100% waterproof, seam welded bikepacking front pouch that sits on top of your harness. Quick and secure access with a Fidlock magnetic closure with adjustable spring toggle. This allows the closure roll to stay tight no matter how full or empty the bag is.

The rear panel has loops to integrate with Voile® straps (sold separately). Horton is purpose built to be among the best volume-to-weight ratio front bags while leveraging the unrivaled stability and security of Voile® straps. When used with our Barjam Harness, a single connection to the Barjam leaves a strap-free handlebar for a clean, uncluttered cockpit.


  • 100% Waterproof, welded seams
  • Fidlock magnetic closure for fast and secure adjustability
  • Finely Crafted in Asheville, North Carolina

**Shown with Voile® Straps, Rockgeist Barjam, and Rockgeist Dyneema dry bag each sold separately**

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs

6.5 oz (184 grams)


5.5 L max


Fits Voile straps (3/4" wide straps), Sits on top of dry bag. For a standalone front handlebar bag please see our Nigel Handlebar Bar


11.5" in width, 5.5" in height, and about 3" thick (with roll top all the way rolled)

Set Up Instructions

Horton Front Pouch is design to connect to your voile straps (sold separately) wrapping around your front harness. Horton will connect to any front handlebar harness, including our Barjam Harness for no straps around your handlebar.

To attach Horton to your harness, thread the Voile straps through the rear panel top loop and lower daisy chain. The top of the Voile strap should be at the top of the back panel loops. Then wrap the Voile straps around your dry bag and secure the straps. Secure the center strap on Horton to either the center position of the Barjam’s carbon bar, or if using another harness use the 1/2″ webbing and cam buckle to attach to your stem.


4 reviews for Horton Front Pouch

  1. Forrest Radarian (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for two years and thousands of miles. Its solid, waterproof, and prefect for storing my first aid kit, inreach mini, repair kit, bike tools, trowel, chamois balm, etc. – basically the things I want to get quickly on a bikepacking trip should I have a sudden need. The use of voile straps makes it pack in well against my handlebar bag. I ended up swapping out the middle velcro pieces that serves to prevent it from sliding down the wheel on rough descents; I replaced those with two, 6″ nano voile straps that sit side-by-side in the middle that I wrap around a Salsa Anything Cradle shim to prevent slippage.

  2. Christopher Joy

    I recently purchased a Horton to replace a different pouch for my front harness that would occasionally slide down towards the wheel (probably user error). I am quite happy with my purchase. The Horton stays in place with straps and is easily accessible while riding. The simple bungee loop latch and roll top gives the user the ability to almost cram more than necessary (snacks, knife, sunglasses, bug spray, etc) in it and get it out while rolling. I did need longer voile straps with a wider diameter harness, but the included loop straps (pic 7 above) helped keep it in place even with a full Jones bar cockpit. Overall, I would totally recommend the Horton if you’re looking for a little extra carrying space to enhance your harness.

  3. Buddy S.

    Just picked up a Horton because I needed just a bit more room on my gravel bikepacking rig. since my frame is smaller I don’t have a ton of room in the frame and over the front wheel. The Horton was the perfect addition to fit around my smaller diameter handlebar roll. great for the little bits I couldn’t quite fit before like my rain proof jacket, extra snacks and a water filter. The roll top with bungee closure is super easy to access for grabbing and packing quick. Even with my lower front end, this bag was the perfect size and never hit my front tire. It wasn’t clear how the handlebar straps that prevent the bag from slipping should be installed but with some reverse engineering from the website photos, I figured it out. A quick guide would be helpful. The bag didn’t budge at all on my recent single-track slog through Pisgah National Forest (which says a lot.) the welded seems look great and everything stayed dry through rain and morning dew. if you need some extra waterproof storage on the front end, the Horton is brilliant!

  4. Alex (verified owner)

    For now, I’m using this as a stand alone handlebar bag on my drop bars. A little larger than the Nigel. Good quality bag.

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What Packs Best in Horton?

With no zippers to fail, Horton is meant to be overstuffed with electronics, food, gloves, etc. Protect your gear and leave nothing essential behind.

“Aside from the fact that it’s waterproof, the great thing about the Horton is how easy it is to access what’s in it. It offers what I would consider the most user-friendly and versatile means of up-front storage.”

Logan Watts

Horton is Welded in Asheville, North Carolina

History of Innovation

This product was developed by Porcelain Rocket; a Canadian company widely credited as being pioneers in the modern era of bikepacking bags. Today, Rockgeist continues the legacy of Porcelain Rocket by partnering with them to manufacturer their welded, waterproof designs.