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Microwave Panniers (set)

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Microwave Panniers are a from-scratch rethinking of the traditional micro panniers. Modular, ultra-secure, truly waterproof, and super light, they are equally suited to riding rough trails as they are to urban living.

The two-part system includes a quick-access drybag and a rugged holster that secures to any rack. The stiff, black HDPE back plate uses Voilé Straps® for upper mounting that can’t move in any direction. Five options for lower mounting keeps these totally rattle-free.

The Microwave pannier mounting system is probably unlike anything you've ever seen. Mounting these panniers is novel, but the reward will be an incomparably secure set of panniers. Please give the MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS a careful read. There are many options for lower mounting, using combinations of the five lower slots. The best solution for securing the bottom of the pannier will depend on your rack. Check out this GALLERY for several examples.Dry bag selection includes RF welded grey dry bags.

Our RX-36 Black fabric is made from recycled bottles in our home state of North Carolina by Xpac®.

Standard features include:

  • Compatible with virtually any rack, including lowrider front racks made for micro panniers
  • Modular design, with removable waterproof liners
  • Bomber Voilé Straps® main rack attachment straps, 4 strap locations for spacing options
  • Rattle-free
  • Holster fits a 12-pack of cans
  • All mounting straps are field-replaceable
  • Drain hole in bottom of holster
  • Rugged, ballistic nylon and Hypalon-reinforced holster
  • RF-welded, 210D TPU-coated ripstop nylon drybag or sewn/taped dry bag from Ecopak
  • 1050d Cordura Brand ballistic nylon holster.
  • Handmade in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Order includes 2 Microwave Panniers. Each pannier includes 1x Microwave Holster, 1x Microwave Waterproof Liner, 2 Voilé Straps® with flat loops, and 2 x self-adhering Velcro® lower straps.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs

16.2oz (460g) per pannier, 32.4oz (920g) per set
11.5oz (325g) holster including mounting straps + 4.7oz (135g) drybag


13L per pannier, 26L per set


Holsters are 12" tall, 10" wide, 4" depth. Drybag is 22" x 13.5" when laid flat.


Microwave Pannier Upper Mounting Instructions

Thanks for choosing the Porcelain Rocket Microwave Panniers! Our novel laced Voilé Straps​® mounting system will be unfamiliar at first, but we’re confident that with a bit of practice, the lacing will quickly become intuitive. Please carefully follow these instructions; correct installation is required to ensure the longevity of the product, and a secure, rattle-free experience.

There are a multitude of options for lower mounting, using combinations of the five lower slots. The best solution for securing the bottom of the pannier will depend on your rack. Please visit https://porcelainrocket.com/pages/microwave-pannier-examples for several examples of lower mounting solutions.

Step one:

Start with the Voilé Straps​®laced as shown, with the buckle pointed down, and the flat loop on the inside of the pannier. There are 4 sets of slots; lace the Voilé Straps​® through whichever slots allow the best fit with your rack.

Step Two:

Lace the tail of each Voilé Strap​®under and around the bike rack rail, then back through the same upper slot in the pannier backing plate. Then, lace the tail of the Voilé Straps​®through the flat loops. Now is a good time to get everything snug, and under light tension. The flat loop takes the brunt of the tension, to protect the backing plate.

Step Three:

Bring the tail over the top of the backing plate, and close the buckle. You don’t need to tension the Voilé Straps®much at this point. You should normally only need one or two holes exposed past the Voile buckle hook – any more than that will put unnecessary strain on the system.

3 reviews for Microwave Panniers (set)

  1. David Victor (verified owner)

    Last year I purchased a set in Coyote Sunrise to replace “gravel” panniers that rattled no matter what I did to quiet them. Love these. I have them secured to Old Man Mountains Divide rack(s). No rattle, pack or unload off the bike, easy to install. My only regret thus far is that I didn’t purchase two sets in Coyote Sunrise when they were available. Recently, I ordered another set in Xpac black. Though they won’t match the aforementioned color, it will match the theme of my bags and (MUSA) rig. The contrasting panniers will be helpful organizing my gear.

  2. Annabell

    Been lusting after these all year, and my hubby surprised me with a set for Christmas. Used them to carry stuff to a friend’s for Christmas dinner. So far, in love. Easy to install, easy to use. Simple design but that’s the best designs usually. The dry bags are made to fit inside the holsters perfectly, but you can also put just about anything else in them as well. As an added bonus, all my friends were super jealous when they saw them 😀

  3. Sean (verified owner)

    Great product and responsive customer service

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What Packs Best in Microwaves?


Microwaves can swallow up camping gear or use it to run to the grocery store. Expeditions or commuting, they will make sure you leave nothing behind while keeping everything dry.

Now offering sewn drybags in Ecopak that are seam sealed with Dyneema® tape to protect against wet weather.

Colors include Ecopak-40 Wolf Grey and Drab Green. Other Ecopak colors can be made on request. See our fabric page for full selection.

The first we’ve seen to use a clever two-piece design with a removable dry bag and holster system.  Several of us have put them to use over the past 12 months and have been very happy with them in both form and function.

Logan Watts


Microwave is handmade in Asheville, North Carolina

A Storied History

This product was developed by Porcelain Rocket; a Canadian company widely credited as being pioneers in the modern era of bikepacking bags. Today, Rockgeist continues the legacy of Porcelain Rocket by partnering with them to manufacturer their welded, waterproof designs.