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Mountain 52Hz Waterproof Framebag

(4 customer reviews)


The 52Hz Framebag is a fully waterproof, expedition-ready frame pack.

Not sure what size best fits your bike? Print out all the template sizes and hold them up to your bike: Print Mountain 52 Hz Templates


  • Zipperless, roll-top closure
  • 100% waterproof, welded construction
  • Mil-spec webbing and hook & loop
  • Single compartment without accessory pockets
  • Universal fit for popular current MTB geometry
  • Adjustable downtube attachments
  • 315g (size MTN Medium)


This product was developed by Porcelain Rocket; a Canadian company widely credited as being pioneers in the modern era of bikepacking bags. They developed many ground breaking designs including the first fully stabilized seat pack and the first 100% waterproof framebag.

Today, Rockgeist continues the legacy of Porcelain Rocket by partnering with them to manufacturer their welded, waterproof designs in our workshop located in Asheville, North Carolina.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Small: 6 Liters, Medium: 7 Liters, Large: 9 Liters, XL: 11 Liters


Small: 10.2 oz (289 grams), Medium: 11.7 oz (332 grams), Large: 12.2 oz (346 grams), XL: 13.5 oz (382 grams)

4 reviews for Mountain 52Hz Waterproof Framebag

  1. Ron Dalton

    This bag is certified “Oh-shit-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into-my-phone-and-my-wallet-are-not-in-a-ziplock-and-the-tide-is-way-higher-in-here-than-it-used-to-be” waterproof. Much to my delight it is also air tight and acted as a flotation device for the bicycle when I had to go bellybutton deep in a salty creek that was rising.
    Really well designed and thought out and heavy duty this pack will be a permanent fixture on any adventure ride I have.

  2. Rich (verified owner)

    This frame bag is genius. First, the fit: I have a small Surly Karate Monkey (short people problems) and so not a lot of frame bags fit, but the small mountain 52Hz fits perfectly. Second, the material: the material is waterproof and bombproof and with no sewn seams, there is no chance of rain or snow entering. It’s super light too! Finally, the roll top closure is brilliant, not only because it also prevents rain or water entering, but also because the roll allows you to carry long items like tent poles. Plus no danger of zipper damage. I’ve not yet put enough miles on it to test its long-term durability, but so far, the bag looks like it will endure. The only small issue is that the attached Velcro straps could rub the frame. I replaced the removable ones for the down tube with voile straps and put racer tape underneath where the non-removable Velcro straps go (top tube and seat tube.)

  3. NJ

    I love this bag. XL fits perfectly on my XL and Timberjack. It is durable and dry and the roll top allows you to hold SO MUCH without worrying about busted zippers. I have many miles in it and it looks just as good as day 1.

  4. Stephen (verified owner)

    Such a well made and beautiful bag! Happy to finally get my hands on one. The construction is super well done, and the new straps that replaced the voile straps are very easy to tighten and adjust. For anyone curious, and who might’ve measured 20 times and still weren’t sure like me, a L Mtn Frame fits a M Surly Bridge Club like a glove.

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