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Nigel Handlebar Bag

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Nigel is a stand-alone waterproof handlebar bag equally suited to hauling snacks on an all-day ride, or as a traditional touring handlebar bag for keeping smaller items, such as jackets, gloves, cameras, shades, etc. dry and at the ready.

What makes this bag great:

  • Welded, waterproof construction with no zippers to fail.
  • Easy, one-handed access while riding.
  • Voilé Nano Straps® main attachment straps fit any handlebar size
  • Included foam spacers for cable or hand clearance.
  • Removable 1/2″ thick foam bed liner for quiet load carrying.

Welded, waterproof construction for incredible weatherproofness. Voilé Nano Straps® and a semi-rigid back plate make for quick removal and quiet stability. The included foam spacers can be used for extra hand clearance on the tops of drop bars, or offset for cables and hoses.

Standard features include:

  • Welded, waterproof construction, no zippers to fail.
  • Easy, one-handed access while riding.
  • Bungee closure doubles as convenient layer stash location
  • Voilé Nano Straps® main attachment straps fit any handlebar size
  • 16" cam-lock head tube strap will fit oversized head tube junctions
  • Included foam spacers for cable or hand clearance
  • Removable EVA foam bed liner for quiet load carrying, maintains bag structure
  • PU-coated 420D fabric in our signature LightBlack color
  • Fits well between drop bars
  • Minimum of 6.5" clearance required between handlebar and tire
  • Nigel Waterproof Handlebar bag is handmade in Asheville, North Carolina and Calgary, Canada

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs

8.5oz (241g)




9.5" wide

14 reviews for Nigel Handlebar Bag

  1. Indiana Schulz (verified owner)

    This bag is absolutely gorgeous. The cranberry color is to die for. The product is constructed with excellent materials. Unfortunately, the size was not what I had hoped for. It’s specced quite a bit larger than my current bag (2.8L), but it fell short when I loaded it with gear. It was barely able to hold anything more than my current bag. The other issue I have is with the front closure system. When you try to load this to the max, it becomes tough to hook the elastic closure. If you miss the hook, the whole piece will snap back at you. I wouldn’t want to wrestle with this on a multi-day event with slightly numb or tired hands. I’m sad that I had to return it, but it just didn’t offer any advantages over my current 2.8L bag.

    • Gregory

      Hey Ry! Thanks for bringing that to my attention, its does seem like the volume we have up is not right. I’ll measure it out and update that. To get our volume measurements I fill the bag with packing peanuts then measure the peanuts in a graduated cylinder, so the updated volume will be pretty accurate. thanks, greg

    • Gregory

      Just measured the volume again and it came out to 4.25 Liters, I’ve changed it from the 4.5 L. Not a big difference so I’m guessing your 2.8 Liter bag is actually bigger then that.

  2. Tim (verified owner)

    One of the best bar bags I have ever used in my 30+ years of dedicated cycling. Ease of access while riding is awesome. Completely waterproof (and I tested it).

  3. Scott Shrader

    This was the first Rockgeist product that I acquired and it 100% sold me on this company. The quality of this bag is above and beyond compared to other brands that I have tried in the past. Excellent for day trips and even works well on overnights. Super reliable during heavy rain storms and such. Still surprises me how much I can fit in this bag. Can’t recommend this product enough!

  4. Ellie Johnston

    This is a great, very well-made bag. It can hold an extra jacket, phone, and abundant snacks with ease. Perfect for when more storage is needed. I’ve used it on my gravel and mountain bike with no problem. Easy to take on and off and switch between bikes.

  5. Patrick Jones

    Simple to install, waterproof, and the rolltop gives it surprising capacity (especially if it’s not actually raining and you don’t have to roll it down). I don’t know that you could do better for a front bag without moving into something that would require a rack and add a lot more weight.

  6. Gabe (verified owner)

    Perfect bar bag for keeping important gear dry. Weather it’s snacks, electronics, or extra layers the Nigel is great on MTB or shorter stem (up to around 50mm) gravel bike. Also works with longer stems, but fits better closer to the head tube and with wider bars.

  7. Ken (verified owner)

    Bag is prefect size for use on all my Mtn and Fat Bikes
    Recently did a S24 where it rained the entire route , all gear in this waterproof bag as well as Fusion and custom frame bag stayed perfectly dry
    Rockgeist ….. You Rock

  8. Stefan S (verified owner)

    Great bag! Light, good size, and fully waterproof. Just did a 4 day bikepacking trip through Tasmania and even after many storms… everything stayed dry! Yay

  9. Kevin Tweed

    This is hands down my favourite bike bag I’ve ever owned and it never comes off the bike even though the design allows for it to come on and off with ease between multiple bikes. The design is very simple yet elegant and allows for me to fill it as little or as much as I possible want without feeling the bag on the bike at all! I’ve found it’s the only bag I need for long century rides. It fits perfectly on my drop bar gravel bike and I love that I can access it while riding. The waterproofing is amazing as I have ridden with it in summer heavy rain and all winter in slushy, salty snow. It cleans easily and is so durable that after a couple of years of heavy use it still appears new. You definitely can’t go wrong with this bag!

  10. Chris

    Love this little/big bag! Fits a surprisingly large amount of items very securely and dry. But rolls up nicely when it’s just a few key items! I have had mine (PR version) for many season and it has been on many trips; there are no signs that show it. Very happy with this handlebar bag… luckily it is easy to transfer from bike to bike, as I find myself wanting it on every ride. Buy two!

  11. Derek

    The Nigel still stands as the best bicycle accessory I have purchased to date. My partner and I both have one that lives back and forth between our drop bar gravel bikes and our mountain bikes. It is sneaky just how much you can fit in this bag, from all the tools and snacks for a long day on some single track, to a six pack and rain jacket when brewery touring in the city. It does it all. Gear needs to be simple, intuitive and just work. The Nigel checks all these boxes and then some.

  12. Dadacourse (verified owner)

    Waterproof it is. Stable & safely attached, I use it to store: a 10″ tablet, action cam, front light + battery, red visib

  13. Christopher

    Wonderful bag that fits great on my Kona Process with riser bars. Very quick to take on and off. Great option for mellow trail rides and bike fishing. Great service and helpful staff.

  14. Mike

    Deceptively simple and effortless. Surprisingly spacious. Fits perfectly in backsweep bars like Mi-Ti, Salsa Bend, etc with no housing interference. I’ll be hard pressed to put a front roll on my bar next time. It fulfilled my needs perfectly for a two-week ride. Bravo, RG (and PR).

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What Packs Best in Nigel?


Nigel is a great place to protect small electronics and food from the rain.

Deceptively simple and effortless. Surprisingly spacious. Fits perfectly in backsweep bars like Mi-Ti, Salsa Bend, etc with no housing interference. I’ll be hard pressed to put a front roll on my bar next time. It fulfilled my needs perfectly for a two-week ride. Bravo, RG (and PR).

– Mike


Nigel is handmade in Asheville, North Carolina

An Innovative History

This product was developed by Porcelain Rocket; a Canadian company widely credited as being pioneers in the modern era of bikepacking bags. Today, Rockgeist continues the legacy of Porcelain Rocket by partnering with them to manufacturer their welded, waterproof designs.