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Ultra PE Dry Bag – Single Opening


A single entry waterproof dry bag welded with ALUULA fabrics (made with Ultra high molecular weight PE). Add our Armadillo protector to improve your dry bag’s abrasion resistance for use on rear racks. Shown with BarJam Harness (sold separately).

Our ALUULA Ultra PE Dry Bag offers a lightweight dry bag with a single opening. The ALUULA fabric allows all seam to be welded shut for a 100% waterproof bag.

The profile is also what we consider a “slim-fit”. This allows the dry bag to tuck more easily under cables and nestle under your handlebars. When used on a handlebar roll the slim size provides more clearance for bikes with front suspension. 

25" Voile straps are the ideal length to wrap around the Ultra PE Drybag.

Build details

  • Made from UHMWPE ALUULA; waterproof, ultralight and durable. 
  • Won't wet out. ALUULA sheds all water weight. Traditional fabric can weigh 50% more when wet.
  • Ultra-PE is ALUULA’s foundation. This gives you superior abrasion resistance, inside and out.
  • About 60% lighter then popular vinyl bikepacking dry bags made overseas
  • Finely made in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs

8-15 L


25.75" tall when completely opened, 20.5" tall when rolled 3 times
7" in diameter when packed

Packed Diameter

7" diameter


3.1 oz (88 grams)


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