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Dr. Jones Bag | Stock

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Fits Jones H-Bar (riser and flat versions) and Surly Moloko Bar. Updated Jan. 2022 with a larger, adjustable cargo net (still removable).

Dr. Jones is made for the Jones Loop H-Bar or the Surly Moloko Bar and is a modular system that includes a removable cargo net, wallet-lid, and main body. The cargo net was made to carry bulky items such as jackets, wet tents, tarps, ground sheets, or fill it up with a few bottles, and random items you find along the way on your journeys.

The wallet-lid is a reversible lid that can expand up and down depending on the contents of the main bag. One side is a thick vinyl to see your phone (fits plus-sized phones) the other side is the X-Pac zipper access. To attach the wallet-lid to the bars use a simple girth-hitch with the included elastic football cords. Finally, the main body has a daisy chain running around the entire circumference for easy attachment along your Jones Loop or Moloko Bar.


  • Removable, adjustable Hypalon cargo net
  • X-Pac for the body and lid

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

Fits both flat Jones H-Bar, Jones 2.5" Riser H-Bar, Surly Moloko Bar


10oz (283g)
*Weight is based on bag made with VX21. Weight varies based on fabric choices.




6" tall, bottom is 10.5" x 3" oval


Rockgeist Dr. Jones Instructions


13 reviews for Dr. Jones Bag | Stock

  1. Tyler Belliston (verified owner)

    Love Dr Jones!!! Great bag that holds a tremendous amount. Super stable. Just do what you know is right and buy this bag. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Owen Clements (verified owner)

    5 Star Product. The craftmanship and quality of materials is beyond what I expected. The pack seems small at first, which is great for day to day use. However pull up the collar and stuff the cargo net and it holds my entire sleep system on an over night+ trip. Super versatile bag. Great solution for my Jones Bar. Thanks Rockgeist!

  3. Daniel Burdick (verified owner)

    This product earns 5 stars because the materials, fit and craftsmanship are all the highest quality. Rockgeist customer service is also the best. My only wish is that the bag could be larger (more capacity), however that would require pure magic! ( …plus a different handlebar design… Not obvious in the photos is that the main compartment includes an inner sleeve with drawstring that does enable this bag to expand upward.)
    Another argument against making it bigger is this essential component makes great use of an otherwise unusable area on the bike to place certain loose items within easy reach for rider convenience; not for hauling cargo… no one should place much weight up here. It’s the perfect spot for a camera, with a few accessories; a can of bear spray, a compressed-air horn, a backup battery for your phone and/or gps, a couple of burritos or a sub sandwich; or, as one of the photos suggest, one standard three-pack of 24oz tall-boys. Just not all this stuff at once!
    I was also warned by someone who saw the photos that this might interfere with hand positions that Jones bars are famous for… happily, this is not true! there is enough spaces to stick your fingers and thumbs.
    The front web of straps might be improved if the straps could adjust to fit whatever you intend to carry here; this can be accomplished through a simple hack involving lacing a length of the shoelace-cord used for the loops that engage the hooks on the ends of all the straps.
    To sum it up, this item is well worth it’s cost, and blows away all its competitors.

  4. Phil (verified owner)

    This is a VERY well done bag given the space available to work with in my opinion. Quality build. Flexible. Simple. Can’t ask for much more. Sure, I wish it had more space, but, again, given the space provided beyond Rockgeist’s “control”, they’ve done a great job!!

  5. Mike

    Looks interesting and I particularly like the wallet/lid for easy phone access. But I use Surly Moloko bars. Has anyone tried this bag on Molokos?

    • Gregory

      Hey Mike, thanks for checking in. Yes we did size the bag to drop into the Surly Moloko space as well. Thanks!

      – Greg

  6. karen caldwell (verified owner)

    I love this bag!

  7. Fionn (verified owner)

    Great design, and seems to make the perfect use of the space created by the Jones loop, while not interfering too much with hand positions. I suspect the design of the cinching top may not handle a proper west of Scotland autumn downpour, but then again, what can?
    Really good service with quick delivery to us here in the UK.

  8. Dustin

    ? Can this bag be made for a Jones 2.5 riser bar? I want this bag!! But I have the riser bar.

    • Gregory

      Hey Dustin! Yes, just select the Riser in the drop down field right after your color selection. Thanks for reaching out!

  9. Josh C (verified owner)

    This makes great use of the space in my Jones bars. For daily use I use the bag like a basket. I toss my keys, wallet, gloves, skull cap, mask, etc… in it. I often ride with 8 kids who each have an insulated water bottle and I’m able to carry 3 of those in it – because of that I just leave the “wallet” in my Mudlust framebag. I carry a soft sun hat in the net for everyday use. I’m able to fit my rain jacket (a 2xl Marmot Phoenix) in the net but it takes some squeezing to get it in.

    The bag expands a lot more than I expected. Just to test it out I was able to fit my EE quilt in it and cinch the top. I think it would be awkward to ride with it completely packed just because it rises so high above the bar.

    I’m glad that this bag makes use of the space in between the bars and that it is so much larger than other bags designed for Jones bars.

  10. Jeremy H.

    Bag is just ok, definitely would not by again with this current design. Not a fan of the thin material used for the top cinch closure. Secondly the football clips used to secure the map pocket are cumbersome and seem kinda of a poor functional choice to use for ease of access to the top of the bag.

    • Gregory

      Hey Jeremy, thanks for your feedback. We chose the silnylon material for the collar because its waterproof and cinches down very easily, if you have a different preference for the collar design I’d be happy to entertain an alternative one. Do you think you would like buckles to hold down the lid instead of the football clips? We borrowed this lid design from traditional hiking backpacks, and they typically use buckles, but we thought the elastic was less work. Feel free to shoot me an email with any other ideas; [email protected]. Thanks!

  11. Lawrence Miller

    Nice bag, a bit smaller than I thought it would be; net could be bigger I barely got a jacket shell in there. Plus side I can fit my cook kit as well as a fuel bottle in the main compartment, seriously make the netting bigger

    • Gregory

      Thanks for the feedback Lawrence! For sure, we can grow that cargo net by a little bit. Always looking to squeeze more volume in. Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers,

  12. Kat

    If you run Jones bars, you need this bag! I’ve never liked big bulky handlebar rolls and you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in this bag. I’ve renamed mine “Mary Poppins”–when you can expand the space upward, it seems to never end and I just keep pulling out more stuff. the cargo net is perfect for a small ground sheet and some stakes/tent poles, or even a puffy jacket.
    This bag is extremely well made and doesn’t move around at all, so all your stuff is secure. I love the clear pocket on top (great for route cues/cheat sheets) and the removable wallet too is super helpful on rest stops. I can’t say enough good things about this bag. It’s damn near perfect.

  13. TODD M SCHLABACH (verified owner)

    This bag is so well thought out and the highest quality! I love everything about this bag. After searching and purchasing an actual Jones bag to fit my Jones bar, this surpasses anything out on the market today. I can’t say enough!

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