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UV Optimized Blaze Orange

The Rockgeist fabric selection now includes a UV optimized blaze orange that will resist UV fading much more then the previous VX21 blaze orange. The old VX21 used a blaze orange dye on a nylon base and had the worst UV resistance of all the VX21 colors.  This new...

Downtube Stake Bag Released

The Stake Bag a little guy meant to fill the “dead cat” space up high on your downtube. This slim space is perfect for carrying your tent stakes, small hand pump, and other long and slender objects. Its basically a bomber pencil case for your bike.

12 New Colors Added

A dozen new colors and fabrics were just added to the color options for your custom builds. New fabrics are all quality Cordura® and X-Pac™. Head over to the new Fabric page to check out the full line-up of color...