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The original Gondola Dropper Post Saddlebag gets an updated design that was put through the wringer on the Colorado Trail. After two weeks of Colorado mud, rain, and countless gnarly descents the Gondola’s new design gets the final approval stamp. Design improvements most notably include a connection from the spine of the bag to the seat rails. This connection creates sustained separation from the dropper shaft and gives the space required for the full travel range of your dropper. A second set of webbing is positioned higher up on the seat rail and is responsible for pulling the body of the bag up against the seat, away from the rear tire.  A plastic stay was also added to the spine for increased rigidity along with a bottom panel made from VX-42 X-Pac™ to assist with its mud guard duties.

In summary, the advantages of the Gondola include:

  • Full use of the entire travel range of your dropper. There are no straps on your dropper shaft.
  • 5 L max capacity
  • Lightweight at 6.3 oz with VX21 fabric, 7.1 oz with VX50
  • Comes with attachment fitting for a red Planet Bike light
  • No metal brackets with weight limits
  • Priced at $85 USD