Email a strategic photo of your bike that will be used to sew your custom framebag or top-tube bag.


A strategic photo of your bike is used to fit all custom gear to the exact shape of your frame. PhotoFit offers several advantages over conventional customer-traced templates. The most important advantage is that it eliminates template errors. After years of working with the slow process of customer-tracings it became apparent that it introduces too much variability and can result in gear that doesn’t fit perfectly.


A perfect fit is essential to avoid zipper stress, prevent leg-rub, maximize packing efficiency, and ensure strap compatibility with existing gear/frame features. Rockgeist takes the template creation off your hands, makes your custom build more time efficient, and guarantees the highest standards of precision for your gear.


PhotoFit instructions can be viewed below and are used for all Mudlust and Fiber Flight custom gear.

If you have any questions please email


1. Tape a ruler to the drive side of your top-tube. Avoid covering up any inside edges of your frame’s triangle with the ruler and rotate the front pedal outside the area of your triangle. 

    • For Mudlust Half, Wedge, and the BB framebag that will fit around your water bottle(s) please place your water bottles in the cages and remove any un-used water bottle cages. 
    • For all other framebags please remove the downtube water bottle cage and unthread the downtube water bottle screws about half way. Please do this even if you did not order a bolt-on bag.  
    • For the Medic Top-Tube bag if you already own a framebag please have it mounted to ensure strap compatibility.  

2. Position your bike so it’s standing straight up, with the drive-side facing you. A handlebar against a wall works well. Wheels should be parallel with the wall.

3. Sit on the ground. This is the #1 skipped step. Please do not take a picture standing, looking down on your bike. 

4. Position your camera’s view dead-center within your frame’s triangle, directly from the side. Ensure your full wheels are in the picture. If they are not, you’re too close to the bike. Take PHOTO 1. 

5. Slide forward for a close-up of the entire top-tube. Take PHOTO 2.

6. If your bike has cables entering or exiting the frame on the non-drive side (or any other NDS features that limits strap placement), repeat steps 1-4 for the NDS side photo. 

7. With your order number in the subject line, email the highest resolution option of your photos to 

You will receive a confirmation email once your photos have been reviewed and approved. Thank you! 


Example Full Bike Photos