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Fiber Flight Zipper Upgrade


Matches the durability of our YKK Mudlust zippers with a splash of color and the smoothest, most water-resistant zippers on the market. Quantity 1 covers all zippers on one framebag.


Zipper durability is the most important element of your framebag. We understand first-hand the challenges of a busted zipper while on a long journey and this experience drives our commitment to build your framebags with the best zippers on the market. We have rigorously tested almost a dozen different zipper types which includes not just different zipper manufactures, but also different styles of zipper sliders, teeth, and tape. Those tests resulted in the zippers we use today which include YKK molded zippers for our Mudlust series and custom zippers imported from Europe for our Fiber Flight series.

Our Mudlust series set the standard for zipper durability while our Fiber Flight zippers match that durability while having the lowest force to open/close (i.e., smoothness) and offer the highest level of water-resistance for a non-dry bag style zipper. These Fiber Flight zippers are custom made for Rockgeist which include specific branded colors seen here. If you would like to upgrade your Mudlust framebag to included these Fiber Flight zippers please select your color here.

Please note; we do not use these molded teeth zippers on top tube or medic bags. Since cuben fiber framebags are usually after weight savings, we try to use a plastic slider instead of the metal slider to save a few grams.


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Smoothest zippers on the market – here’s the data to prove it.

We rounded up all the zippers we could get our hands on to determine which ones perform the best in our framebags. After 1,000 singletrack miles we monitored the durability and smoothness of each. We landed on Swiss-made molded teeth zippers with a water proof tape. They were 2-3 times smoother (force to close and open) then other zippers.