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Swami Handlebar Harness


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The Swami handlebar harness is a durable and lightweight harness to anchor your dry bag to your handlebars. The Swami provides the advantage of using different sized dry bags depending on the needs of your trip. Cold weather and long trips may require larger dry bags then your warm weather/short trips. The Swami is made from 1000 Denier Cordura® on the exterior and 500 Denier Cordura® on the interior for durability against abrasion.

Swami Features:

  • Plastic support to help maintain its shape
  • Removable spacers between the handlebar and harness
  • Removable, full wrap straps
  • Attachment buckles for the Apogee Feedbag and any 3/4″ webbing


The Swami is built to excel with the following setup:

  1. Ideal for carrying dry bags 8 to 16 liters in size. Sea to Summit® (no affiliation) makes high quality, inexpensive dry bags at these sizes that work well (price range of $20-$30).
  2. Ideal for wide MTB bars, Jones H-Bars®, and roadie/cyclocross drop bars.
  3. Ideal for carrying combined items of sleeping bag/quilt, bivy, minimal clothes (think puffy coat, etc).

The Swami is not recommended for:

  1. Bikes with in-line cyclocross style breaks
  2. Large volume dry bags – This is more subjective and depends largely on terrain, speed, and amount tire clearance for your specific bike. If you are lucky enough to be riding rough singletrack (think Arizona and Colorado Trail) with 140 mm of front travel, then please be aware you may need a small dry bag to allow clearance between your bag and your front tire as your shock cycles through its compression.



Additional information


9.5 oz


Handlebar attachments range between 3" – 5" from the center of the stem.

Body Color

Black, Black Multi-Cam, Blaze Orange, Digi-Cam, Multi-Cam, Woodland Camo