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The Spacelink is a direct mount solution to anchor your TT bag up high for better stability and eliminate velcro from your feedbags.

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The Spacelink is a steerer tube spacer that provides the first-ever integrated bikepacking cockpit. This integration allows your top tube bag to be anchored either above or below your stem to create a more stable connection to the bike. It also provides a stable, direct mount for feedbags on either side of the spacer to eliminate the need to try and wrap velcro around a short stem.

To anchor your bags, simply remove the silver bolt/orange spacer and thread the mating bags onto the Spacelink through the webbing bar tacks on the bags. Please note the Spacelink was designed and tested for Rockgeist gear and does not guarantee compatibility with another type/brand of feedbag or top tube bag.

Recommended stem length for use with spacelink: 0-50mm for honeybox, 0-90mm for honeypot


  • 6 mm thick, and is meant to replace the 5 mm spacer that normally sits above your stem.
  • Fits standard 1.125" steerer tube
  • 36 grams
  • 6061 Aluminum body, Stainless Steel bolt (2.5 mm hex)
  • Made in Asheville, North Carolina

2 reviews for Spacelink

  1. Miles

    The Spacelink is unique, useful, and you probably need one.

  2. evans.mikey

    Spacelink rocks! I have used it to secure homemade feedbags for months without fail. My homemade feedbags only had a small piece of webbing sewn on them in order to secure them to the bike. That’s right, no strap securing the feedbag to the handlebar and they worked fine. I never lost a bottle. I am now running Revelate Mountain Feedbags on my bike and the Spacelink works well with them. I simply use the one-wrap included with the feedbag to secure to the Spacelink. I look forward to using Rockgeist feedbags in the future to see how different those behave compared to other brands and homemade. Also, Spacelink is working well with Revelate Gas Tank. I’ve had it secured for months without issues. Everyone who sees my Spacelink loves how securely the Gas Tank sits on the top tube. Excellent product, well thought out, and compatible with other manufacturers’ products. Buy with confidence and enjoy!

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