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The Spacelink is a steerer tube spacer that provides the first-ever integrated bikepacking cockpit. This integration allows your top tube bag to be anchored either above or below your stem to create a more stable connection to the bike.

It also provides a stable, direct mount for feedbags on either side of the spacer to eliminate the need to try and wrap velcro around a short stem.

The Spacelink is a direct mount solution to anchor your TT bag up high for better stability and eliminates velcro from your feedbags. To anchor your bags, simply remove the bolt and spacer. Thread the mating bags onto the Spacelink through the webbing bar tacks on the bags. Please note the Spacelink was designed and tested for Rockgeist gear and does not guarantee compatibility with another type/brand of feedbag or top tube bag.

Recommended stem length for use with spacelink: 0-50mm for Honey Box, 0-90mm for Honey Pot

  • 6 mm thick, and is meant to replace the 5 mm spacer that normally sits above your stem.
  • Fits standard 1.125" steerer tube
  • 6061 Aluminum body, Stainless Steel bolt

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs

1.3oz (36g)

Installation Instructions

Thank you for your order. Please read the Spacelink instructions before installing. 


  • The Spacelink is designed to replace one of your steerer tube spacers and can live above or below your stem, depending on the location of your top tube (TT) bag connection points. For the best stability, connect your Spacelink as high as possible to your TT bag while still making sure your steerer tube is through the middle of the Spacelink. 
  • Remove your stem cap to gain access to your steerer tube spacers. To use the spacelink under your stem, you will also remove your stem from your steerer tube.
  • To install your bags onto the Spacelink, undo the silver bolt and remove the small metal spacer. Thread the webbing of your bags through the channel on the Spacelink and close the channel with the silver bolt and orange spacer. 
  • The Spacelink was designed and tested for Rockgeist compatible feedbags and TT bags. Rockgeist does not guarantee compatibility with another type/brand of feedbags or top tube bags.

If you have any questions please contact Rockgeist at [email protected]. Thank you and enjoy the ride. 

8 reviews for Spacelink

  1. Scott (verified owner)

    Works Great. My bike has a very short stem, so the Spacelink solved the issue of connecting my bags.

  2. Carter A (verified owner)

    Fantastic product excellent finish and design.

  3. Indy 5000 (verified owner)

    Once used, you’ll never go back to riding without one. It may seem like a pricey piece of equipment, but it is incredibly useful. Both of my bicycles have top tube bags plus two feedbags (one on each side of the bike). The space link allows me to keep everything orderly and provides a secure mounting point for all bags. Mounting the space link under the stem allowed me to bring my feedbags down low enough to access them even with aero bars. Completely invaluable. Thanks, Indy.

  4. Linda Gryczan (verified owner)

    I bought the spacelink because my backpacking aero bars take up the handlebar real estate that I used to hand my feed bags. The Spacelink is the perfect solution.

    Thanks for the great service.

  5. Scott Gamble (verified owner)

    To be perfectly honest I thought this was going to be lame but has turned out to be fantastic. I won’t build a camping bike without one now. It is an excellent way to clean up your cockpit and make more usable space. If you have an extremely short stem as is common on bikes with very slack front ends (mountain bikes and gravel camping rigs like the Kona Sutra LTD I’m looking at your 70mm stem buddy) this is one of the few ways to do this well. Purchase price seems a little on the steep side, sure, but it’s a one time purchase, it literally fits on every bike you’ll ever build again, and it’s a high quality CNC’d piece of equipment that does exactly what you want. I don’t mind paying good prices for good tools, and this checks all the boxes.

  6. Chris Evans (verified owner)

    This little doohickey is just what the doctor ordered. I love innovation, especially when it just works!
    I live in B.C. and ordered it to have it delivered to my U.S. mailing address. However, with Covid 19 closing the borders, that was no longer viable. Greg was able to redirect the Spacelink to my Canadian address and it showed up soon enough.
    I installed it on my Salsa Timberjack below the stem and hooked up my Revelate Gas Tank and Mountain Feed Bag and I’m good to go. While it will work with other bags, Rockgeist recommends their bags and if I knew about them at the time, I would have purchased theirs. They look like a solid choice. I particularly like the zipper guard on their Gas Tank.
    Anyway, no more tipping over Gas Tank saving my “fuel” from spilling when I leave the zipper open and crank my handle bar! Great product!

  7. Miles

    The Spacelink is unique, useful, and you probably need one.

  8. evans.mikey

    Spacelink rocks! I have used it to secure homemade feedbags for months without fail. My homemade feedbags only had a small piece of webbing sewn on them in order to secure them to the bike. That’s right, no strap securing the feedbag to the handlebar and they worked fine. I never lost a bottle. I am now running Revelate Mountain Feedbags on my bike and the Spacelink works well with them. I simply use the one-wrap included with the feedbag to secure to the Spacelink. I look forward to using Rockgeist feedbags in the future to see how different those behave compared to other brands and homemade. Also, Spacelink is working well with Revelate Gas Tank. I’ve had it secured for months without issues. Everyone who sees my Spacelink loves how securely the Gas Tank sits on the top tube. Excellent product, well thought out, and compatible with other manufacturers’ products. Buy with confidence and enjoy!

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I’ve been using the Spacelink for nearly three years now, as it’s made its way between various bikes, and there’s no question that it’s one of the most refined options available. The machining and finishing are top-notch, and the design is fairly unobtrusive when mounted below your stem (although it provides better stability on top).

Miles Arbour