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Round-Head Bolts


Quantity 1 is a pair of bolts. Please note these bolts are included with all Rockgeist bolt-on bags.


Standard bolts with a squared-profile can cause wear issues for both bolt-on and velcro framebags.

  • For bolt-on framebags the square head is exposed on the inside of your framebag and can accelerate wear on the items inside the framebag. All bolt-on framebags from Rockgeist ship with these round-head bolts.
  • For framebags that use velcro attachments, the square-head bolt can wear a hole through the spine of your framebag over time (see photo).

These round-head bolts prevent this damage by providing a smooth profile to resist wear. They come in two sizes, a 14 mm length (to be used for bolt on framebags) and a 10 mm length (to be used with velcro attachments). They tighten with a #3 Allen (Hex) tool.

*Note: All Rockgeist bolt-on framebags ship with these round-head bolts, they do not need to be purchased separately.

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Weight .1 lbs


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