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Rolltop framebag with zipperless entry. Please see the Fabric Page for material descriptions and the Features Page for complete details of all framebag features.



The Mudlust rolltop framebag offers the same great durability of the traditional Mudlust in a rolltop, zipperless version. The main advantage of a rolltop is that it eliminates the risk of a blown-out zipper when over stuffing your framebag. On a Rockgeist designed frame bag with molded #10 YKK zippers, blowouts are a rare event. It’s more common to see blow outs on coiled zippers (zippers with a flat outer profile covered with a shiny urethane tape).  However, with the right amount of zipper age, harsh elements, and some bad luck, blow-outs of any zipper type can happen. The disadvantage of rolltop framebags? They are a little heavier, entry in and out can be slower then the zippered alternative, and more challenging to get into while riding.

The standard design for a rolltop is positioned on the drive side of the bag and still allows a zippered map pocket on the non-drive side. Straps to secure the roll-top closure will be positioned close to the center of the top-tube. This is essential to allow compatibility with your top-tube bags (both stem side and seat post side). For framebags built from multiple COLORplease select them here

  Base features:

  • Variable velcro attachment to the top tube near your stem. This allows compatibility with your choice of top tube bag, including the Rockgeist Medic and Cache
  • Drive-side roll top access
  • Removable internal vertical divider to maintain bag width (to prevent leg-rub)
  • Hydration/electronic access


PhotoFit™ Template Creation: A strategic photo of your bike is used to build your Rockgeist rolltop framebag. PhotoFit™ offers several advantages over physical customer-traced templates. The most important advantage is that it eliminates template errors and helps avoid zipper stress, maximizing packing efficiency, and ensures strap compatibility with existing bags/frame features.

2 reviews for Mudlust – Rolltop

  1. Jared Harris

    I’ve been using rockgeist gear for two seasons of bikepacking now. The quality of the gear along with the very affordable pricing, makes rockgeist my go to. A few months ago I purchased the rolltop mudlust and it’s hands down the best framebag I’ve ever owned. You can pack it as full as you want and don’t have to worry about busting a zipper. The top also rolls down perfectly so your knee doesn’t bump it. I also loved not having to struggle with a zipper when my bag was caked in mud. On my recent bikepacking trips I’ve found the bag to be very water resistant and extremely durable. I plan on buying one for my other two bikes as well.

  2. daren

    Ive been using my rolltop from Rockgeist for about a year now. It probably has 1000 miles on it with many over-nighters and a 5 day trip around lake tahoe. So far this bag has been bomb proof. The roll top allows you to pack way more than you would on a zippered bag (so much so that you have to take a bit more care when packing or your legs will rub!). After 1000 miles the only wear on the bag is some grease around the chainring area from over stuffing the bag. only a fault of my own. I wish some of my other gear would wear out so I had and excuse to by more from Rockgeist!

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