Medic Top-Tube Bag (saddle side)


Repair bag for both body and bike.

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The Medic top-tube bag gets its name from its most popular use – carrying medical supplies and repair tools. It can be frustrating enough when something goes wrong, the last thing you need is the additional frustration of finding and getting out your repair kit. The Medic bag keeps your most important gear secure, stable, and accessible.


PhotoFit™ Template Creation: A strategic photo of your exact bike is used to build all framebags. PhotoFit™ offers several advantages over physical customer-traced templates. The most important advantage is that it eliminates template errors. After years of working with the slow process of customer-tracings it became apparent that it results in too much variability and can result in gear that doesn’t fit perfectly. A perfect fit is essential to avoid zipper stress, maximizing packing efficiency, and ensures strap compatibility with existing bags/frame features. PhotoFit™ takes the template creation off your hands, making custom builds more time efficient and guarantees the highest standards of precision for your gear. Photo instructions will be emailed after checkout.

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Body Color

1000d Cordura Blaze Orange, 1000d Cordura DigiCam, 1000d Cordura Forest Green, 1000d Cordura Red, 1000d Cordura Woodland Camo, 1000d Navy Blue, 500d Cordura Alpine MultiCam, 500d Cordura Black, 500d Cordura Desert Tan, 500d Cordura DigiCam, 500d Cordura Duke Blue, 500d Cordura Everglade, 500d Cordura Hot Pink, 500d Cordura Navy Blue, 500d Cordura Purple, 500d Cordura Red, 500d Cordura Turtle Green, Custom Colors – Specify at Checkout, VX21 Bahama Blue, VX21 Black, VX21 Blaze Orange, VX21 Navy Blue, VX21 Red, VX21 Stone Grey, VX21 Teal, VX21 Yellow, VX42 Black, VX42 White, X33 Army MultiCam, X50 Black MultiCam


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