Honeybox Feedbag


A feedbag with increased knee clearance for bikes with short stems. Ideal feedbag to pair with the Rockgeist Spacelink for stems less then 50 mm.



The Honeybox is a “thinner” feedbag to allow for increased knee clearance for bikes with short stems. The thinner, boxed profile is an alternative to the round profile of our popular Honeypot Feedbag. When paired with the Rockgeist Spacelink, you have a secure, direct mount option for your feedbags while eliminating the need to wrap velcro around your stem. Both the Honeybox and Honeypot sync with the Barjam’s Voile straps to eliminate velcro around the crown of your fork as well. 

Eliminate velcro from your stem when paired with the Spacelink. Maximum recommended stem length with the spacelink/honeybox combo is approximately 50 mm. For longer stems, the traditional velcro connection works great. 


  • 3.4 oz (97 grams) with VX-21 fabric
  • 0.75 Liters
  • Fully padded with closed cell foam


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