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Foxglove Saddlebag | Made to Order


Ultralight mid-size saddlebag for moving fast and easy in the mountains.

Upgrade to aluminum Austere cam buckles for exceptional stability and sag-free performance when riding your most technical trails.

Build Highlights 

  • Hypalon® rubber reinforcement
  • Heavy duty recycled Xpac® RX-36 bottom panel
  • HDPE plastic support on sides and bottom
  • Closed cell foam panels at base
  • Available in Ultra PE fabrics for further weight savings

The Foxglove is a minimalist saddlebag designed to maximize volume for its weight. This design is intended for the minimalist bikepacker, endurance racer, or anyone looking to travel efficiently through the mountains. The stable shape profile, conservative volume, and cam-action webbing ensures a solid, sway free anchor to your seat.

The Foxglove is also ideal for riders with minimal space between the rear tire and saddle (e.g., size small frames, bikes with rear racks, 29ers, or 29+ tires).

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs

10.1oz (287g)
*Weight is based on bag made with VX21 without reflective webbing and with the removable plastic base. Weight varies based on fabric choices and add-ons.



Required Tire Clearance

6" required from rails towards rear tire

Required Exposed Seat Post

2" required

What Packs Best in your Foxglove?


Pack your bivy, tent, or tarp body combined with small snacks and a jacket. 

Complete at 10 ounces with VX21 fabric*

Add a higher level of stability when riding the roughest terrain.

Foxglove is Sewn in Asheville, North Carolina