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Drop Cage – Titanium or Steel


The drop cage gains an additional ~ 1 liter of framebag storage by dropping your water bottle position and increasing the volume of your half framebag.


This drop cage from King Cage is 1" lower then standard water bottle cages. This 1" drop allows a larger half framebag or gives you more bottle clearance for the half framebag you already own. If you would like to order the drop cage and a half framebag together, use a standard bottle cage in your PhotoFit picture and Rockgeist will automatically account for the lower bottle position.

Please note not all frames have the space to lower the cages 1". Please check your frame before ordering. If you order the cage and it turns out it doesn't fit, no worries, just mail it back and you'll receive a refund as long as it's un-used.

  • Titanium and Stainless Steel will not mark up your water bottles.
  • Lowers bottle 1" for about 1 liter additional storage


Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs

1.7oz (48g)


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