Cache Top Tube Bag (S, L, XL)

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Accessible storage with electronic cord access. Visit the Fabric page for color and material descriptions. Spacelink sold separately.

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The Cache is designed for one-handed zipper access to open and close while riding, and cord access for your electronics. All sizes taper to help avoid knee rub while still providing a large amount storage. Stiff foam is located on both sides and bottom.

  • Small: 2.75" wide at stem, 4" tall at stem, 7.75" length (ideal for regular sized iPhone)
  • Large: 3.25" wide at stem, 3.75" tall at stem, 9.0" length (ideal for regular sized iPhone)
  • XL: 2.75" wide at stem, 4.75" tall at stem, 9.25" length (ideal for plus-sized iPhone). Zippered non drive-side pocket is unable to have reflective strip if selected. Reflection will be on drive-side panel only.

Cache Features

  • Electronic cord access (e.g., headphones,  dynamo power cords)
  • 1-handed opening/closing when riding
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipper pull

Build Materials

  • Ballistic Cordura® against the stem
  • 1000d Cordura® on spine
  • YKK® water resistant zipper
  • X-Pac™/ Cordura® on the outside face
  • Closed-cell foam inserts

8 reviews for Cache Top Tube Bag (S, L, XL)

  1. Molly Grace

    This is the perfect everyday bag, I love it. Really ideal for any kind of biking – bike packing, road-cycling, city biking, whatever. It’s actually the only bag I keep on my bike at all times. I use it for all the things I want easy-access to without having to stop, but there’s room still for other essentials that I just want to keep on me. It’s where I keep my sunglasses, keys, wallet, and phone if not mounted, energy supplements, and other things I might need off and on. Right now mine has three Gus, a Lara bar, two packets of aspirin, my multi-tool, a travel squeeze-tube of vaseline, a compass, a whistle, a small switchblade, and my arm warmers. On colder morning rides it’s where I usually put my balaclava when it warms up. I also keep face sunscreen in there, and bug spray in warmer months. Can’t recommend it enough, definitely my faithful go-to, really happy with it.

  2. Mason (verified owner)

    I recently switched frames, and my Apidura bags didn’t fit quite right on my new hardtail. I ordered custom Mudlust, Medic top tube (saddle side), and Cache top tube bags from Greg. I had been through a few other shops that either never returned my email, or kept my templates for months without ever looking at them. I’m so glad they didn’t work out, because the process and results with Greg and Rockgeist have been even better than advertised. I can’t believe how easy the template photo process was, and how well it worked. My framebag just cannot fit any better. It’s perfect, and even more sturdy and durable than I expected. I hoped they would be as well made as the Apidura frame bag, but the Rockgeist quality blows the Apidura out of the water. The zippers, padding, and fit & finish is the best I’ve seen. I will absolutely be ordering the Foxglove saddlebag and Barjam harness now that I know how great this stuff is.

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    Had this bag made to match my custom frame bag and it has been on my bike since it arrived. Perfect size.

  4. henley

    this has quickly become my favorite piece of baggage on my bike for tours and everyday riding as well. on tour i usually load it up with a multi-tool, headlamp, small bleach dropper, lighter, snacks for the day and can even fit in a thin pair of gloves or small beanie on the fly. i never notice it when standing up in the saddle to pedal, and i like the personal touch of the glow-in-the-dark zipper pull as well. i’ve ridden about 800 miles with his bag, and so far it looks brand spankin’ new. definitely recommended!

  5. Katie V. (verified owner)

    I bought this bag and it holds everything from my wallet + phone + keys + sunglasses on a normal commuting day to these same items plus other odds and ends (TP) on a good ol’ bike tour day. It’s a super fun bag, mostly because of all the colors there are to choose from:-) This seriously is my favorite little bag from Rockgeist because it’s so cute, and I especially love how when you zip it up, the end of the zipper fits under a little lip to prevent rain from getting in. Speaking of rain, on our bike tour in Spain, never once did the contents of the bag get moist during our days of rain. Oh, and the inside of the bag can be a different color than the outside! SO FUN! Thanks, Greg!

  6. Marc Spencer (verified owner)

    I have this bag on my Gravel/Road bike, it is a high quality bag that is very usefull for both bikepacking and commuting. I am surprised at the amount of stuff i can fit into this small bag. I have a tube, multi tool, tire levers, as well as my phone, wallet and keys in this bag typically. Mine is made out of X-Pac Liteskin fabric to match my half framebag. In light rain it allowed no moisture inside of the bag.

  7. Collin A (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Cahce bag for about a year now and it has gone on quite a few long weekend tours, S24Os, and has done commuter duty on two different bikes now in varying conditions. I’ve typically put snacks and my phone in the bag, and it makes checking directions and refueling throughout the ride (without stopping) a breeze! The one downside is it’s ability to keep the water out; the fabric (x-21 for mine) does it’s job, but the zipper lets moisture seep through on any ride longer than about 1 hour with constant rain. These wetter rides have been in the so-called atmospheric rivers that hit the California coast a few times a year where it dumps several inches of rain in a very short period of time. That being said, the half-framebag made by Greg (with the burlier zipper) did not experience the same issues, so it is likely a combination of the position of the zipper (right on the top of the bag) and the zipper itself, that contributes to the infiltration of moisture.

    Overall though, It is a great little bag that is well thought out and built extremely well and continues to perform on just about every ride.

  8. Jeff Thompson

    While not my first bag from Rockgeist, the XL Top Tube bag quickly became my new favorite! It holds a plus sized phone and still has room for a few snacks, the side zippered pocket is perfect for a card and a few dollars for that longer ride!!!

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