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BarJam Brackets & Carbon Bar 2.0


The Barjam bracket and carbon fiber bar assembly only. This does not include the harness and voile straps.

The BarJam is a lightweight, exceptionally stable bikepacking harness that protects your brake, shifter, and dropper cables. The 2.0 version of this harness increased the strength of the brackets to an ultimate load of 728 lbf! (without breaking, brackets rotated on handlebar instead). Designed to excel on rough singletrack the machined 6061 aluminum bolt-on brackets extend your drybag out and downwards, past your cables. Voile straps are used for a reliable and slip-free way to secure your dry bag against the carbon fiber bar.

Locally machined 6061 aluminum bracket options for both 31.8 and 35.0 mm handlebar diameters.

Choose between locally machined 6061 aluminum brackets for both 31.8 and 35.0 mm handlebar diameters. Use 25" Voile straps for dry bags less than 9 liters, or 32" Voile straps for larger dry bags. Pair the BarJam with the Horton Front Pouch for maximum carrying capacity. To purchase the harness for Jones H-bars or Surly Moloko bars see our Loop Bar Harness version here.

Product does not include the bicycle handlebar, the photo shows the brackets mounted to a handlebar for context only. 

Quality Components made in USA

  • 6061 aluminum bolt-on brackets -  for 31.8 or 35.0 mm handlebars. Machined in Asheville, NC.
  • Carbon fiber bar, 22.2 mm diameter. Made in Washington, USA
  • Stainless steel bolts

Design Advantages:

  • 728 lbf ultimate bracket strength before max rotation on bars (brackets rotate instead of breaking at this force)
  • Doesn't block light from bar mounted lights
  • Protects cables
  • Use a dry bag you already own. Choose the right size needed for your trip.
  • Allows space for your hands on drop bars
  • Light weight; complete system at 10 oz, 283 g. Exact weight depends on variables selected.
  • Finely crafted in USA

**Mounting brackets to your handlebars may scuff or scratch their finish. Tighten these bolts as much as your shifter or brake lever clamps (about 3 Nm of torque). Rockgeist is not liable for any damage to your handlebars.** A single layer of electrical tape on your handlebars can act as a buffer between the brackets and the bar. 

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs

Bracket clamps for either 31.8 or 35.0 mm handlebars. We do not have shims for clamps to work with any other diameters.


4.1 oz (116 g) for 35 mm assembly, 4.4 oz (125 g) for 31.8 mm assembly


Barjam brackets are 9 mm wide, Carbon fiber bar is 8.5" long, 22.2 mm in diameter


Rockgeist Barjam Bracket Mounting Instructions

When screwing the bracket onto your handlebars please alternate equally between both screws as you tighten the clamps. All screws should extend equally out the back of the bracket by 2-3 threads.

**Mounting aluminum brackets to your handlebars may scuff or scratch their finish. Tighten these bolts as much as your shifter or brake lever clamps (about 3 Nm of torque). Rockgeist is not liable for any damage to your handlebars.**


Complete Rockgeist Barjam Mounting Instructions

The Barjam harness is a stable and versatile harness that works with any bike from road to full suspension bikes. The main mounting difference is how the rubber Voile straps and center webbing strap connect to the bike. Please see the illustrations below for the three options that best fits your fork and frame style.

Please be sure to order the correct clamp diameter for your handlebar (this is the same diameter that your stem clamps). 35 mm diameters bars are most commonly found on newer full suspension or hard tail bikes.


Bikepacking Harness Barjam




What Packs Best in your BarJam Harness?


Version 2.0 increased the braket strength to hold heavier loads. Pack your Ultra PE Drybag full of your puffy, clothes, sleeping bag, then add your tent, poles, or front Horton Pocket

BarJam 2.0 Increased Bracket Strength

Fatigue tested, drop tested, and with a higher ultimate strength (728 lbf without breaking!) we’re making this one of the strongest harnesses on the market. Designed for heavy loads and rough singletrack bikepacking.

2 Foot Drop Video

Fatigue Testing Video

BarJam Brackets are Machined in Asheville, North Carolina