Apogee Harness Feedbag

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Ride with a strap free handlebar when paired with the Rockgeist Barjam. Please see the Fabric page for color and material descriptions.



There are two versions of the Apogee Harness Feedbag, one design specifically for the Barjam Harness and a second universal design that will fit any front harness system from any brand. The Barjam specific harness is lighter, doesnt use straps on your handlebars, and has an overall cleaner look. The Apogee includes the use of webbing connections that wrap fully around your drybag and Barjam bar (or handlebar if using universal design). Built with a stiff foam bottom and a velcro roll top open/closure to easily accommodate the ebb and flow of food and extra layers.


Please see the ‘Additional Information’ tab for full gear specifications

  • Weight: 5.0 oz (142 g) in VX21 fabric
  • Max Volume: 4 L


2 reviews for Apogee Harness Feedbag

  1. jonathan hicks (verified owner)

    Great storage addition on the front that was very functional. Hooked up nice on the aero bars and had huge storage.

  2. evans.mikey

    I have been using the Apogee Harness Feedbag since December 2018. It is a wonderful place to store food, cell phone, extra gloves, spare hat, etc. This harness has the ability to hold enough food for 18+ hours of winter riding in Alaska. There is absolutely no bouncing or swaying up front no matter how rugged the terrain. I used the Apogee during the Susitna 100 mile race this season and am amazed at how well it functioned. I look forward to seeing how it performs during my upcoming trip on the GDMBR. If you need an easily accessible place to store food and other items , then go with confidence and get an Apogee. Excellent construction, easy to mount on the Barjam, simple to use-even with gloved hands, and just the right size.

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