Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Rockgeist is proud to sponsor the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to the families of firefighters who have died while performing wildland duties. The Foundation has formed an ambassador mountain biking program in an effort to raise awareness for their cause. The goal of these riders is to build and strengthen relationships between those who love and recreate on public lands and the wildland firefighters who protect them.


More information describing their history and scope of their efforts can be found at www.wffoundation.org.


If you would like to give back to the families of the men and women that protect our singletrack, please consider making a donation on their website. The Foundation relies exclusively on private donations and every little bit will help. Thank you.

The Landmark Project™ Patches

Rockgeist is offering The Landmark Project™ patches that represent some of our country's greatest natural areas. A portion of patch proceeds are donated to the organizations dedicated to protecting these iconic destinations. Charitable organizations include:

Please consider visiting the above websites to learn about how these organizations are making an impact and how you can help. Individual donations/volunteer time may seem insignificant, however, collectively we can have a longstanding impact on America's great wild spaces.