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Waterproof, Ultralight, Durable Bikepacking Bags

Innovative Technology

Founded by engineers and chemists, ALUULA developed an innovative way to bond Ultra-PE fibers directly to Ultra-PE films. This creates a light, strong, durable fabric that’s unlike anything on the market.

ALUULA for Bikepacking

Rockgeist leverages this unique fabric to build rugged bikepacking bags to help you travel fast and light in the mountains. Benefits include welded seams, ultralight (even when wet), and high abrasion resistance.    


100% waterproof seams. No tape. No sealers. Welding is the most reliable way to build a waterproof bag.


About 40% lighter then our standard welded designs.

Won't Wet Out

ALUULA sheds all water weight. Traditional fabric can weigh 50% more when wet.

Abrasion Resistance

Ultra-PE is ALUULA’s foundation. This gives you superior abrasion resistance, inside and out.

Our Partnership

Rockgeist and ALUULA share a common thread in pushing the boundaries of outdoor gear. Together, we are working to develop gear that is lighter and stronger than anything you’ve used before.

Visit ALUULA.com to learn more. 

Made In USA

Our bikepacking bags made with ALUULA are built in Asheville, North Carolina, USA