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A New Way Forward 

With the recent madness in the cycling industry we were getting so backed up with made-to-order items that we needed to make some changes. In the past, we made your order as it came in. You pick your fabric, size, features and then we build it. But with orders piling up we were missing a lot of the lead times we normally could hit. This prompted the change to sell gear that’s in stock, or not. 

This change is for almost all of our universal gear, mainly our saddlebags, top tube bags, and feedbags. We are still making honeypots to order since the combination of velcro style or Spacelink connection makes it hard to predict what people will want in what colors. And we will always be making custom framebags to order, that’s not going away anytime soon (or ever!) 

Speaking of Spacelinks…

Spacelinks in Polished Black

We are celebrating 3 years since the first prototype of the Spacelink, a product that has in many ways put us on the map. For our most recent batch we polished them for a smooth gloss finish, matching the finish on many high end stems. We are still offering them in the matte black due to the lower price point, but our local machine shop is so far backed up we won’t have them in stock until late summer or early fall.

Yes, we could go to a different machine shop but we like paying people we share our city and local trails with.

Salsa Blackborow Stowaway Bags

New to the site are some rear bags for the Salsa Blackborow. If you know of anyone with this special bike, we would be forever grateful if you forward this along to them. We are looking to get the word out that these are an option for Blackborow riders. They are custom made in any color and ship out in about 3 weeks. You can check them out here. 

Porcelain Rocket Update

Over the last few months we’ve been gradually releasing gear from Porcelain Rocket. (You can read all the details of the acquisition here.) Most of the welding is happening in our shop, but the Porcelain Rocket workshop is still helping out with Mr. Fusion and the Microwave Panniers. We should have a batch of Mr. Fusion in a week or so.

On our last batch of Mr. Fusion, our website was overwhelmed by all of the excitement, so this time around we will be emailing 75 people at a time at random from the email sign up list alerting you that it’s up. (if you want to sign up, head here: https://rockgeist.com/product/mr-fusion-seat-pack/)

We are also close to releasing Horton (waterproof front harness pocket) and 52 Hz is creeping closer to the finish line. We are waiting on patterns to get cut from the CNC table cutter.

We Need Your Help With PHOTOS! 

Look at Omar below! He is out enjoying his custom framebag in the United Arab Emirates. We have amazing customers from all over the globe and we would love for you to shoot us a photo of your smiling face with your gear. Part of our goal for 2021 is to do a better job of being part of our amazing bikepacking community and we would love to highlight you, our amazing customers. 

Please email photos to [email protected]. Thank you! 

What’s this RockGazette? 

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read. We plan to send a quick shop update in our “RockGazette” once a month to keep everyone informed with updates and happenings. Hope you all are healthy and enjoying some Spring riding.


Greg and the RG team (Allie, Jen, Jess, Emmy, Eric, Greg C.)