Small Cache Top-Tube Bag


Compact, accessible storage. Visit the Fabric page for color and material descriptions.

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The Small Cache is the same great design as the large size, but 2 inches shorter, at 7″ length instead of the regular 9″ length. The Cache is designed for one-handed zipper access to open and close while riding. It has a tapered profile to help avoid knee rub while still providing a large amount storage. The taper starts at 4″ width and narrows to 1.8″. Stiff foam is located on both sides and bottom.

Cache Features

  • Electronic cord access (e.g., headphones,  dynamo power cords)
  • 1-handed opening/closing when riding
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipper pull
  • 7″ long x 3.75″ tall


Weight: 3.2 oz (91 grams)

Volume: 1.0 L

Build Materials

  • Ballistic Cordura® against the stem
  • 1000d Cordura® on spine
  • YKK® water resistant zipper
  • X-Pac™/ Cordura® on the outside face
  • Closed-cell foam inserts


Additional information


3.2 oz (91 grams) with VX21 fabric


1.0 L


7" long x 3.75" tall

Standard Spine Width

Taper starts at 4″ width and narrows to 1.8″

Body Fabric

1000d Cordura DigiCam, 1000d Cordura Woodland Camo, 500d Cordura Desert Tan, 500d Cordura DigiCam, 500d Cordura Duke Blue, 500d Cordura Everglade, 500d Cordura Hot Pink, 500d Cordura Navy Blue, 500d Cordura Purple, 500d Cordura Red, 500d Cordura Turtle Green, VX21 Bahama Blue, VX21 Black, VX21 Navy Blue, VX21 Purple, VX21 Red, VX21 Stone Grey, VX21 Teal, VX21 Yellow, VX21-RS Black, VX21-RS Cobalt Blue, VX21-RS Frost Teal, VX25 Blaze Orange – UV optimized, VX42 White, X33 Army MultiCam, X42HS Olive, X50 Black MultiCam, X50 Tropic MultiCam


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