Gondola Dropper-Post Saddlebag

$90.00 $85.00

Dropper-post compatible saddlebag with a lightweight design.



Gondola is the first-ever bikepacking saddlebag designed and sold for dropper-post compatibility. The Gondola’s strategic use of plastic support, four attachment points to your saddle, and contoured panels allows for a secure anchor without the use of a seat post strap. Leave your dropper on your bike and let the Gondola go up and down the mountain with you.

Design Advantage: A major design advantage that sets the Gondola apart is the rail tab located on the spine of the bag. A rail connection runs through the tab and anchors to the rail. This pulls the spine upwards and creates sustained separation between the bag and dropper shaft. A second set of webbing is positioned higher up on the rail and is responsible for pulling the body of the bag up against the seat, away from the rear tire. The spine is also re-inforced with a plastic stay for rigidity. This design eliminates the need to use metal brackets or straps positioned over the shaft of your dropper post and results in a lightweight bag giving you full range of your dropper travel.

Weight: 6.3 oz (179 grams) with VX21 fabric, 7.1 oz (201 grams) with X50

Max Volume: 4.5 L


Gondola Features

  • Race-ready weight
  • Maintains full range of your dropper travel
  • Comes with attachment fitting for a red Planet Bike light


Build Materials

  • X-Pac™ VX42 Bottom panel
  • Ballistic Cordura® Spine
  • Hypalon® rubber reinforcements at webbing bar-tacks
  • HDPE plastic insert at spine


Tip for compatibility: The Gondola is 5″ deep when full (depth from rails towards rear tire). Check the clearance between the tire and the seat at its lowest position to ensure your rear tire won’t rub the bag. Please account for movement from the rear suspension. If you think you need a “thinner” bag, a custom size can be ordered from the “Universal Gear – Built to Order” section.

Additional information

Body Color

VX21 Teal