Foxglove Saddlebag


Minimalist saddlebag for moving fast and light in the mountains. Size and volume dialed in to eliminate saddle sway.

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The Foxglove is a minimalist saddlebag designed to maximize volume for its weight. Topping out at 7.5 liters the Foxglove is a mid-size saddlebag weighing only 7.9 oz (223 g). This design is intended for the minimalist bikepacker, endurance racer, or anyone looking to travel efficiently through the mountains. The stable shape profile, conservative volume, and cam-action webbing ensures a solid, sway free anchor to your seat. There’s no tail wag with this Fox.

The Foxglove is also compatible for riders with minimal space between the rear tire and saddle (e.g., size small frames, bikes with rear racks, 29ers, or 29+ tires). Only 6″ between the tire and the rails of the seat is required with as little as 2″ of exposed seat post

Build Highlights 

  • Hypalon® rubber reinforcement
  • VX42 bottom panel
  • HDPE plastic support on sides and bottom
  • Closed cell foam panels at base
  • Connection for rear red light (vertical mount styles)
  • Reflective strip option – side panels and rear car-side locations.


Please see ‘Additional Information’ tab for full gear specifications

  • Weight: 7.9 oz (223 g) for VX21 fabric, 8.5 oz (241 g) for VX50
    • weight is listed without the removable plastic base in bottom of bag
  • Max Volume: 7.5 L

Additional information


7.3 oz (207 g) with VX21 fabric, 8.1 oz (230 g) with VX50


7.5 L

Required Tire Clearance

5.75" required from rails towards rear tire. Please email for a "thinner" build with more clearance.

Required Exposed Seat Post

2" required. If you have less then 2" of exposed seat post, please see the Gondola saddle bag which doesn't use a seat post connection.

Body Color

1000d Cordura Blaze Orange, 1000d Cordura DigiCam, 1000d Cordura Forest Green, 1000d Cordura Navy Blue, 1000d Cordura Woodland Camo, 500d Cordura Alpine MultiCam, 500d Cordura Black, 500d Cordura Desert Tan, 500d Cordura DigiCam, 500d Cordura Duke Blue, 500d Cordura Everglade, 500d Cordura Hot Pink, 500d Cordura Navy Blue, 500d Cordura Purple, 500d Cordura Red, 500d Cordura Turtle Green, VX21 Bahama Blue, VX21 Black, VX21 Navy Blue, VX21 Purple, VX21 Red, VX21 Stone Grey, VX21 Teal, VX21 Yellow, VX21-RS Black, VX21-RS Cobalt Blue, VX21-RS Frost Teal, VX25 Blaze Orange – UV optimized, VX42 Black, VX42 White, X33 Army MultiCam, X42HS Olive, X50 Black MultiCam, X50 Tropic MultiCam


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