Apogee Harness Feedbag – In Stock


apogee, noun, (ˈapəjē/) – The point in outer space [the wild] where an object traveling around the Earth is farthest away from the Earth [trailhead]. Please see the Fabric page for color and material descriptions.

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The Apogee Harness Feedbag is designed to attach to any front drybag/harness, including the Rockgeist Barjam Harness. The Apogee includes the use of webbing connections that wrap fully around the drybag and handlebar to assist in anchoring your drybag to your frame. A roll top open/closure easily accommodates the ebb and flow of food and extra layers.


Please see the ‘Additional Information’ tab for full gear specifications

  • Weight: 5.2 oz (147 g) in VX21 fabric
  • Max Volume: 6.5 L


Additional information


5.2 oz (147 g) in VX21 fabric


6.5 L 


11" x 8.5" (width x height)

Body Color

VX21 Teal


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