Built with the industry’s best fabric.


All gear from Rockgeist is constructed with premium Cordura® or X-Pac™ fabric. These fabrics give unrivaled durability and performance for their weight. Combined with meticulous design and exceptional workmanship, these materials are an essential element in delivering best-in-class gear.


Framebag with Cordura Fabric


X-Pac™ VX21 is the workhorse fabric for bikepacking gear and is constructed of three layers; a 210 denier nylon face (hence the 21 in VX21), a black polyester X-Ply™ grid, PET film, and a 50 denier taffeta backing. The outer 210 denier face is then treated with a durable water repellant finish. Collectively these layers create a very technical fabric with exceptional abrasion resistance, low stretch, and durable waterproofness. VX07, X33, VX42 and X50 are similarly constructed with their respective denier face (70, 330, 420, 500 denier).  However, X33 and X50 have a 0.5 mm shiny polyester film backing rather then the taffeta backing.


VX21 and 500d Cordura are often viewed as “equal” when it comes to function but there are a few small differences:

  • VX21 has a slightly lighter base weight. When out in the wild it will also absorb less water then the 500d Cordura. This makes VX21 an ideal choice for riders who make lightweight travel a priority.
  • X-Pac waterproofing is slightly more durable since X-Pac has a dedicated waterproof layer versus the waterproof coating of Cordura.
  • 500d Cordura has slightly better abrasion resistance then VX21 and is great for gear that might see a lot of rubbing.
  • Aesthetics: X-Pac has a more technical/performance look while Cordura has a classic “feng shui” that may align well with you and your bike.


Cordura® fabric is constructed of a specialty nylon weave with a waterproof coating and has exceptional resistance to abrasion and punctures. 500 denier Cordura® is typically used for the face of gear, while 1000 denier and ballistic 1050 denier is used for abrasion prone areas (e.g., the spine of bags). Ballistic 1050d is standard on the spine of all Rockgeist framebags, however, 1000d Cordura® is more then sufficient to take the abuse and is available in a variety of colors. Please don’t hesitate to request your framebag to be built with a colored 1000d fabric for the spine. Available 1000d colors can be seen below.

Framebag with xpac fabric


Xpac Fabric


Cordura Fabric
Custom Colors 

Please don’t hesitate to request custom colors when ordering. Select “Custom Colors” on the framebag page and describe what you’re thinking in the check-out message.

Custom Colors Framebag